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  1. Hi ! Does this mean i should wait before buying all the stuff to make an eGPU ? I need a good GPU when i'm at home and a laptop for the school...
  2. Hi ! I'm new here, and i want to do an eGPU. I'm a student and a fervent gamer. I have 900€ (selling old desktop PC) for this build + money of my pocket. I was planning to buy a laptop with good processor for 600€, the aikitio thunder3 for 300€ and the GPU with my money. So here my question: 1. Does all laptop with TB3 will run the eGPU ? 2. What are the difference with the TB3, TB2, and a desktop GPU ? I seen only the difference between TB2 and a desktop PC. 3. I've read some explanation on that, but it look realy messy, can someone explain or give me a link to me what i need to mod on the thunder3 boxes to make it work ? Thanks !
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