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  1. Hello Klem! Any chance you could modify the original modded DELL_GTX880M_80.04.F5.00.07_UNLOCKED 1.0.0 VBIOS so it prioritises 85 degrees of temperature for me? See attached image. It's the only setting I would like to have hard coded into the modded VBIOS.
  2. Just donate for one month and download all you need. It's not that hard. My donation was totally worth it, great forum.
  3. Yeah, by new drivers we mean the modded drivers from this thread. No official NVIDIA drivers will work. T-thanx Dell...
  4. Hey there! Check out my post from the 1st of December (page 62). I describe the way I managed to update my driver to the newest one. In the meantime I also updated the PhysX drivers too. I think it might work for you too, as I was rocking even older drivers then you are at the moment. You just do a clean install of your old driver and overvrite it with the new one. Try doing it with Optimus enabled as I did. If the drivers still fail to recognize your GPU you need to modify the INF files yourself. The guide is on the forums here, or here http://tinyurl.com/heuv8le.
  5. Well, in this case the unlocked VBIOS should give you more play when overclocking, dunno about the throttling issues tho. Could also be driver related. What was the last version you run on your laptop? Where did you get them? Did the laptop start throttling after a recent driver update?
  6. Yes, this is the VBIOS I flashed myself. Gave me a 10% efficiency boost. Just make sure with GPU-Z that Dell is your actual vendor. No. Flashing the modded VBIOS will not fix your throttling issiues. It is a 100% software thing that has to do with the graphics driver you have. Check out my two last posts in the thread linked below. https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/4906-alienware-clevo-aftermarket-upgrades-driver-support-modded-inf/&do=findComment&comment=153461 https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/4906-alienware-clevo-aftermarket-upgrades-driver-support-modded-inf/&do=findComment&comment=153723 Same. Look above for the answer I gave Revelant.
  7. Just a quick update for all the people interested in new drivers for the xM17R4 with a GTX880M inside. I tried like 15 different drivers from this thread. They always installed no problem in BIOS Dedicated and PEG mode, only to run as long as the laptop got hard restarted (shutdown and restart, not just restart). And then I got the idea to install the super old 344.11 driver, that worked in Optimus mode with my 880M, and overwrite it with ONLY the new Graphics Driver from the 376.09 package. The HD Audio and PhysX has been left from the old 344.11 package. Worked like a charm. The GPU does not throttle and I have a 10% efficiency increase. Win - Win. Once again, this works with Optimus. The integrated GPU is Enabled and display mode is set to Auto. I used the two *.ini files in the "nv_dispi.inf_v376.09_Win7_8.1_PEG_Dedicated_Alienware.zip" ZIP file. Thanx a lot guys for providing me with the modified drivers packages. One of the better donations I did in a while.
  8. Hey guys! I'm new to the forums but I'm fighting the lacking drivers problem for a while now. Till now I was running my x17R4 with a GTX880M in it with a super old pack of 344.11 drivers, all this in Optimus. FYI I could not get this drivers to install in the dedicated GPU mode (Fn+F7). I did all this on a A12 official BIOS provided by Dell. Recently I decided to give it a go and do something about the missing drivers. After some googling I found this forum with some known users I noticed months ago while trying the same thing. So I joined up and did the donation thing to get the needed files and so on. So what I managed to do was painlessly downgrade to a unlocked A11 BIOS where I disabled the integrated video card and switched to PEG mode no problem. The laptop restarted and I had no problems at all. The thing is whichever drivers I install I get massive throttling in games, it seems like the moment the temperature hits 69 degrees Celsius the GPU drives down on the clock speed. This is a known problem and I thought this would be taken care of with the BIOS downgrade and switching the internal GPU off and going PEG display mode. So what is the deal here? Are there any semi new drivers around that will handle my GPU? Do I need to do something more? Is the 880M so bad it can't be helped in any way with all this tinkering? As I mentioned before, I got the 880M to run just fine in Optimus, no throttling no nothing - good temps good all, but with an old ass driver. Now, with PEG I can't even rollback to the old driver, LOL. FYI - I am installing all drivers I try with the *.ini for the PEG mode drivers, they install no problem but all games are being throttled down hard. Any tips?
  9. Hmmm... Too bad all the links in the 2nd method give me "404 Not Found" error. I would try to try this flashing method to stop my 880M from throttling with the newer drivers. Can anyone else supply the flashing tools (DOS version of fpt for flashing, and 'prr tool' to circumvent write protection)??? EDIT - Found it. E.
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