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  1. modded bios depends on your motherboard and what version. you need to know if you are using phoenix, ami bios and look for the modded version in the website provided by @Darkthor. what you need to enable once all the option is unlocked is the hotplug for pcie.
  2. find a way to flash a modded bios to unlock all the option and you should be good to go use the website that @Darkthor quoted
  3. found the guy who can mod your bios however i can't post here his email (got penalty once after i posted my email )
  4. are you still not able to make your gtx 1050 work? if not you need to find out if you can enable hot plugging on your Mpcie. may i know what your system is so i can help you check if you can enable hot plug
  5. flashed my bios with the version that opens all option available (got it from a forum about bios mods). with regards to the "evidence" i will post it here once i get home as im still at work
  6. yes, but for those who do, you guys don't need to mod the nv_dispi. just enable hot plug/swap for your Mpcie. if you have uefi MB just enable it, if you have bios, search for a way to open/unlock all option just install like you would normally do and ignore the error 43 you will get, restart your computer and the error 43 should be gone. however i had to go back to 375.63 as im experiencing problems when im playing the division.
  7. if you can enable hot plugging on your mpcie thru your MB then you dont need to do any modding. im currently using gtx 1050 ti oc on my acer aspire v3-471g windows 10 laptop with exp gdc beast v8.0 setup with no mod . just mod my bios to enable all option and VIOLA!!!
  8. im using mPCIE as well, can you ask him to copy his nv_dispi here please, thanks
  9. can ask him to paste a copy of his nv_dispi here so we can check, thanks
  10. you might need to make some changes to the nv_dispi for the driver to be installed
  11. it worked for you probably because you are using express card. tried both with 375.63 and got code 43 instantly. can email me a copy of your new nv_dispi, see if that'll help
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