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  1. The only version I have is 1.6. IdeaFan_v1.6.zip
  2. Version 1.6 is the only one I have. I don't know how to fix that error though. It's been a few years since I don't touch my y510p but as far as I can remember, I didn't used this app for too long as it didn't really improved the temperatures and it gets VERY annoying since the fans keep changing their speed constantly. I modded both fans using a temperature controlled switch or whatever you wanna call it. It goes in series with the brown (signal) wires of both fans and it opens the connection as soon as it reaches a set temperature, making the fans go at 100% until you let the laptop idle and cool back down. It was a huge improvement. I made a more detailed post in another forum, have a read if you're interested. https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-P-Y-and-Z-series/Y510p-Ultimate-Cooling-Mods-Revealed-Unshroud-your-cooling-fans/m-p/3497552#M150835
  3. It's your lucky day. I found it in my backup network drive. It's been in there untouched for years lol https://mega.nz/#!8AEwESKR!vf5XODyp8-ejZ7NvpmNd67IzXNrOk0qPAI5TUVkSH_g I attached it just because. They're both the same file. IdeaFan_v1.6.zip
  4. Here is my solution to the fan control problem. I was browsing on ebay looking for some sort of micro switch that I could hook up to the fan brown wire, so I could turn it on or off when needed, and I came across this temperature sensor/switch. They work like a thermostat, when reaching a certain temperature it will either turn on or off depending on the model. You can choose from a range of temperatures, from like 45C to 130C. I'm using a normally closed, 70C model. Around 70C it will open the circuit and run the fan at full speed until the temperature drops down to around 65C. They are dirty cheap! I paid 99 cents each, including shipping. Wire the sensor in series with the brown wire, place it as close as possible to the chip or heatpipe using thermal adhesive tape and you're done. This is what it looks like (I keep the wires tucked under the black sticker) I glued the sensor with double sided thermal adhesive directly on the heatpipe. There's not enough room on the ultrabay GPU to glue the sensor on the heatpipe, so I glued it right next to it. Worked just as well. More pictures: http://imgur.com/a/DBlxV This is the listing I ordered from: http://www.ebay.com/itm/331577233585 Search for "KSD9700". Make sure you choose the "Normally Closed" model. Both GPUs are running at 1189MHZ and the memory is running at stock speeds. GPU2 was repasted a couple months ago with Mastergel Maker from Cooler Master. CPU and main GPU still have the stock thermal paste. "Idle" temperatures, watching a video, browsing the web (measured on a hot day). CPU ~55C GPU1 ~50C GPU2 ~40C Full load (GTAV, BF Remastered, MadMax). GPU2 will overheat and throttle using a GPU burner software like Furmark and OC Scanner. This never happens in any gaming session, regardless of how long I play. CPU ~80C GPU1 ~77C GPU2 ~83C
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