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  1. I ve Asus Rog G75 VW DS-72 my laptop is capable for 3d gaming GTX 670M but it didn't come with 3d lcd so i thought i can install a 3d LCD as in VW DS-73 VER .. then i bought 3d LCD and 50 pin cable for it but it didn't work , idk know why may be bios or other issue ... this not the problem now . the problem is when i come back to my OEM FHD LCD ... it worked good only on low resolution but at higher resolution it make a lot of distortion and Flickr as shown at pic ( I see text hardly ). i tried fresh VGA driver many times i tried installing new Win 32 x64 i tried removing VGA card from laptop and installing it again i tried newer and older BIOS for laptop i tried a new screens ( oem ) i tried the laptop on an external screen by HDMI cable / VGA output nothing work ... same problem what shall i do for fixing this problem?.... buying new vga ? or i take the chance and upgrade it with newer version ? ... and what happen if i did that and the problem inst fixed !!???
  2. I ll try the modded bois but without overclocking ... i hope it ll fix some problems with me
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