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  1. Hello, Sorry, if I'm asking in the wrong area... I would like some input from those who used other drivers prior to using the ones provided here and their results. I am looking for a possible solution to some low-ish performance. I have an Alienware 17, r5, 4700mq that I just upgraded to a 980m. Windows 10. I have a 240w adapter. I was able to get the eurocom drivers to install, and ran some firestrike runs to check performance/stability. Temps haven't broke 65c for the 980m and the cpu sits in the 60s as well, but my highest run on dedicated is roughly 8700 for graphics score.. I feel like this is low. Prior to that, when I had optimus enabled, I had hit right around 9100. This is with the stock bios as well (or whatever woodzstack has on his cards) Basically just curious if anyone thinks this would be driver related, or something else. I have tried older drivers, but with the same results. If driver related - would the drivers provided here help me? Or would they only help if I have a different vbios - Prema or Svl7? Thank you!!
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