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  1. Hello everyone, I decided to start a new topic because I have been unable to find relevant information for my current setup. (I also apologise if it not in the right section, as I am not very familiar with forums) Here is what I have: Lenovo E540 i7-4712MQ processor 16GB RAM (purchased July 2014) Sapphire Radeon RX470 - 4GB GDDR5 Disabled discrete GPU (Nvidia GT840M) PE4C Adapter from BPlus Tech (hwtools.net) - Already emailed them asking for more details (CLK and PERST# Delays). The ATX power supply is a Corsair VS350 (outputs more than twice the GPU's power consumption). I think that the BIOS is whitelisted; the laptop detects this card only if I boot with the network card and hot plug the GPU after suspending. An unlocked BIOS does not seem to be existing at this stage. If the CLK Delay is disabled it results in a black screen, while other delay values occasionally have the card's fan starting at maximum speed. I still need to find a good CLK and PERST# combination. On Windows 10 I managed to manually install the driver before running into error 12 (there I stopped, as I was not very comfortable with those steps and might re-attempt it at a later stage). On Ubuntu 16.04 the card is detected in a similar fashion when I list all PCI devices in terminal (lspci -H 1 command), however I still need to fetch the correct drivers (AMDGPU - PRO installs successfully and results in a login loop). Any advice would be extremely helpful, as at the moment I am rather stuck on this one. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi everyone, my name is Fabio and I'm currently New Zealand based. I am about to finish my software engineering studies as well. What brought me here is my interest in technology and eGPUs. I am happy to share my knowledge concerning software, but I need to learn a lot about hardware.
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