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  1. Awesome! have been thinking about it lately but never thought it could give actual good results, but 540M does not support Nvidia boost sadly I'm going to make it right now! thank you.
  2. Hi all, I just wanted to share with you, this mod I made for the heat sink in the M11x R3, obviously it is the same procedure for the M11x R1, R2 and R3. 1) I used Artic Silver 5 in the CPU and GPU 2) Between the CPU, GPU and the heatsink plate there is a 100% copper plate in the middle with artic Sivler 5 on both sides. 3) On the heat sinks as you can see there are several plates of different sizes made of copper. 4) Ram cards have Copper heatsinks, didn't take pics of those, forgot it. 5) NOT GAMING MODE, I can use the laptop in regular mode (not playing games) Working on office, browsing the web, etc with no problem on any surface the temps drop to 40-50 Celcius, while playing games, with CPU and GPU overclocked they reach 80 Celcius, the palm rest feels hotter but it is because the volume inside the laptop increased, the density of materials, therefore now the copper with the heat sink is closer to the palm rest, but it doesn't mean it is hotter inside, it is just that the heat is getting transferred closer to your hands.
  3. I will upload a mod a made for the heatsinks, I added plates to the heatsinks and and several plaques of cooper on the refrigeration system and ram, it decreased a lot the temp.
  4. Is that possible???? that would be AWESOME
  5. Hi guys I just wanted to say that I have fully equpied M1x R3 (16GB RAM, i7, SSD and 540M 2GB) I just love this thing, I also have a Alienware 15 with graphics amplifier and still love this little beast, I'm just worried because the performace has drop a lot, and I am afraid it is the SSD losing its life, I was wondering if the Samsung P830 is 6gb/s or 3gb/s????
  6. Hi guys, I'm Jose Villegas, I'm new here, I just came for the M11x bios unlocked and seems I have to get promoted or something in order to download it, but I want to take the chance to be part of a forum again, a decade ago I started a group that changed the industry and everything started from a forum. I was a tech lover, I got my first laptop in 2007, a DELL XPS M1210, without GPU, the price of the laptop was way higher than the average of the market, I started to install games and realized nothing worked. I joined the biggest tech forum in Spanish language CHILEHARDWARE, I started to learn a lot, but I mean A LOT, I found out that most of the computers in that time were using 9xx chipsets, 945 and 965 Intel chipsets, those were not capable of graphics processing, and I thought there had to be a way to change the paradigm. I kept learning A LOT and going deeper to the point that I became the leader of the entire forum, make the thread of "juegos que corren en intel 945" the most visited thread in any forum in Spanish language, that thread got so big that we started to receive people speaking English and Portuguese. I dont know when I started to experiment and try new things with the updates I studied every file in the updated from Intel, and one day I modified and modified and modified while I kept learning and learning... for months and months. Here comes the interesting part, in a timeline I bought the XPS M1210 in Jan of 2007, joined CHW a couple of months later, I kept learning and experimenting until in march of 2008 I designed my onw mod driver, at that point I was already member of a small group in English from google groups, one day I posted the driver in both groups CHW thread and google group and that was when 9xxSSF was born. What is that? basically in the past there was a HUGE difference between the categories in the market of computers, Home/business and gaming. Home/Business were not capable of running games with Shader model requirements, while gaming computers obviously were capable of running them. Manufactures were not worried about the needs of both markets, it was funny to see a 1300 USD latop in 2007 not being capable of running games. I lost the track, when I released the driver in both groups it was a success, now Home/business users were able to run shader model 2.0 games, such as Half life 2 and Counter Strike Source just to mention some games. How I made it? I studied the graphics processing unit to a point where I realized that 9XX chipsets were not capable of processing shader model 2 and directx 9, I found out that 9xx had the same hardware architecture these were the ancestors of X4500 chpsets which were the new generation of chipsets, still not capable of doing nothing impressive but already capable of at least running COD modern warefare In LOW settings. What I did was to adapt the software from new gen chipsets to be compatible with 9xx chipsets, that way 9xx chipsets could unlock new software capabilities therefore their hardware capabilities could be exploited to the max potential. It took me about 6-5 months of over 12 hours daily of modify, install, test, uninstall, repeat to release a software capable of making the chipsets used on +85% of the home/business to be able to run games, it was madness. real software developers joined me in this project and we managed to reach Intel made business and changed the paradigm, worked with Intel in a project that changed the market forever, from that point laptops with integrated chipsets became capable of running ANY game available in the market ar MED - LOW settings depending on SSD, CPU and RAM but at least now home/business users can run a game. Later Intel corp and 9xx SSF became enemies after Intel sued the team for a driver a developer stole and got earnings from that. Well that was my history in forums, now promote me and let me get my unlocked BIOS!
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