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  1. Hi all, i'm on a clevo p170Em trying to flash this in the dos envirement with a usb pen. It works if i flash a bios for the clevo or EC but not with nvflash i try the first command to list the adapters and does nothing, simply hungs up. For this i haven't risked to flash. Can someone help? Thx in advance
  2. Probably cheaper. There's the new 680MX that surfaced, so 680M can see a price reduction. Only time well tell.
  3. If AMD can pull a great driver suport from now on i think it's a great cheaper alternative. I don't take sides, i only choose the one that is the best at the current generation. I waited months for the release of the 680M before jumping to a new laptop with a 7970M, and then waited a couple of months to see if AMD would release a fix for enduro porblem's. Than i would compare the 2 cards. No fix came so i opted for the 680M like 0xsergy. The 680M worked great out of the box.
  4. Probably exceed the 100w and by that it will be exclusive for iMac and not for laptop's. Or maybe not and this is nvidia response to AMD performance driver, no more room for gains in drivers let's throw some new gpu's
  5. There is already a 12.11 beta 4 for you guys try. It increases performance alot actualy.
  6. i don't think so... with 680M if you flash the dell bios on the clevo (or the other way around) it can or will damage the card. So stay with clevo bios only
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