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  1. When you turn your laptop over and remove the bottom plate off you will see your RAM sticks. Near the bottom-left of the RAM sticks you will see two sets of contacts; one labeled JME1, and the other CMOS2. You need to short the CMOS2 jumper. You'll see a fine line between the contacts just use a paper clip or wire and short them together. DO NOT short the JME1 with the CMOS2 jumpers, you could cause the CMOS battery to short and that would need replacement. Here is a link to a photo that will show you what the jumpers looks like. http://imgur.com/P7isA1O Yes, First you must downgrade to 2.07 and then upgrade to the modded 3.05 BIOS and EC. Be sure you to flash the BIOS and EC, or else you will have problems.
  2. I have the same exact setup as moisesmcardona. But I instead of using version 372.70 I used the oldest version there was for the GTX1060. I'm running on Windows 8 64-bit with the EXP GDC 8.0 and is connected to my mPCIE slot. I'm using a Corsair 430W PSU with an additional sata to 8pin PCI power cable. I'm also using an external monitor since I couldn't figure out how to use my internal monitor. If I had known that I didn't need to mod my BIOS I would have saved myself a lot of time and headache. http://imgur.com/rc7wlpT I'll try to install 372.70 drivers to see if they work and I'll confirm it as well. This whole time I thought it was a BIOS setting which was causing the error 43 but it was the drivers.
  3. I have a lenovo y510p with modded 3.05. Does anyone know what this setting does and what it changes? The setting is currently on SG Video Configuration>Primary Display And here's another setting I'm confused about, which the setting is on 100ms Video Configuration>PCI express graphic>PCIE reset Delay A little background story... In the past I have bricked my laptop when i changed both of those settings at the same time. I remember that after changing both of them I was able to output video from my egpu to an external monitor. but after a reboot I got a bricked laptop. After spending weeks trying to fix it, I finally got my laptop running again by getting new bios and ec chips. I have my bios and ec unlocked again and have my egpu connected using the mPCI port. I'm able to see the graphic card in device manager but im getting a error code 43 I have tried removing the drivers with DDU and reinstalling them in many different ways but nothing seems to work. I have a feeling that its one of those settings. I'm just to scared to try it again and get a bricked laptop again and lose another 3 weeks of my time. Can anyone shed some light on what these settings do, and if it will help my situation? thanks
  4. Has anyone attempted this on a Y510P? I've already bricked my laptop once and wasted a lot of time fixing it. I don't want to take another chance. I am already on the modified BIOS fw and I do see the options he mentions above, but I don't know if this can also be applied to the Y510P. When I first bricked my laptop I had changed the PCI graphics to auto (like how he mentioned) and changed the delay time to 3000ms. But I'm not sure which setting had caused the brick since I changed both settings at the same time after reboot. I'm thinking of trying just changing the PCI settings to auto this time but I don't want to brick again. Can someone shed some light on this and tell me if it's a good idea to follow the above instructions or if changing the PCI settings is risky. Thanks in advance.
  5. Fixed it, turns out it was the previous video card drivers I had installed. After doing a clean install of the driver for my internal graphics card, I was able to boot back into my os. All is back to normal. I guess I learned a valuable lesson not to play with BIOSs and what not. I guess I'll buy a desktop PC and slap my graphics card into that.
  6. After patiently waiting for my BIOS and EC chips to come in, I finally received them today. I rushed to my laptop, unsoldered the old chips an soldered in the new ones. I was relieved when I saw the Lenovo screen and a single tear of joy ran down my cheek. I learned a valuable lesson not to play around with BIOS and ECs or else I wouldn't have been able to recover my laptop. For some weird reason when I tried to boot into my windows system it took forever and I received a blue screen with an error stating "POWER_DRIVER_STATE_ERROR". Not sure if it's because I don't have my battery plugged in or if it's because of something else. I did have my laptop hard drive plugged into my desktop PC (so that I could access my files) when my laptop was down. I had some file permissions changed so that I could access some directories but I highly doubt it could be because of that. After it reboot itself a few times, it gave me a few recovery options. I decided to boot into safe mode which allowed me to boot my OS and log in. I looked through event viewer to see what could be causing it but I didn't really find anything. Could anyone shed some light on what could be the problem here?
  7. I found this from another post which this user provided the dump of the EC chip but unfortunately it did not work for me. I reprogrammed my 25Q32FV chip with my original bios backup and reprogrammed my 25Q16DV with his dump but it didnt work. My laptop just turns on with the fans at full speed and then turns off. I know my bios backup is good but i dont know if the dump he provided was good. I thought I might want to share this with others.
  8. I tried to use this dump by programming it to my EC chip which is the same model as you mentioned but it didnt work. I reprogrammed my Winbond 25Q32FV chip with my backup bios (which I created before flashing the modded bios). I reprogrammed my Winbond 25Q16DVIQ chip with the dump you provided and it didn't work. When I try to boot, my laptop turns on, and seconds later it turns off and then turns on again with the fans at full speed and then turns off again and stays off. Not sure what to do at this point, I know that my 25Q32FV chip has the right file programmed to it since I'm using my original backup, but I don't know if the EC dump you provided works. Do you have another clean dump, or anything you could provide concerning the EC chip? ^^That goes for anyone else that is reading this. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks Dan, I have been able to reprogram the 25Q32DV which I believe is the chip that holds the BIOS info, but I don't have a EC dump to flash the 25Q16DV. I found a link on this site but it didn't seem to work. I have place an order already and waiting for them to ship it, in the mean time I was thinking I'd try to reprogram these chips and see if I can salvage them. Do you have a dump of the EC I could use? I found one on this site but it didn't seem to work. It just caused my laptop to turn on and off with fans going at full speed.
  10. Hi, I recently desoldered my BIOS chip and was able to read and write to it using a universal programmer. I flashed it with the modded firmware (hoping everything would reset the bios settings but keeping the modded firmware) but it didn't work. The only solution would be is to buy the BIOS and EC chip and replace both of them for good measure. At this point, I have tried multiple things, such as trying to boot with only one of the chips on the board and swapping the chips with each other. Nothing worked. I have tried almost everything I can think of or what others have suggested but I the only thing that I have hope for is replacing the chips. I highly doubt Lenovo would be able to provide those chips so I'll have to order them from a 3rd party supplier. I have tried contacting chip24.com and waiting for a reply about a few questions I had concerning the compatibility of the chips they had in stock. I will be updating my progress on this form and a few others that are floating around on this site. Hopefully we'll get to the bottom of this.
  11. Let me know where you buy the BIOS chip from, and if you're gonna buy both the BIOS and EC chips. Lucky for me, I have a universal programmer that is able to program the BUOS chip but I'm not sure how I'm going to connect the chip to the programmer. Since the pins are so tiny on the BIOS chip I'm thinking of soldering each pin to a thin wire and connecting those wires to the programmer. Let me know if the new chips work for you and where you bought them from. I hope they work.
  12. UPDATE: I swapped the bios chips I didn't get past POST. The laptop turns on for a few seconds, turns off, turns back on with fans at full speed then turns off and stays off. Not really sure what to do at this point. I tried this once without the CMOS battery in and the second time I soldered it back on. Made no difference. I guess the only solution at this point would be is to order a new BIOS chip and solder it on and see what happens. Not sure if I need to order two of them and replace both chips or just one. If there's anyone out there that can help or give any information on where I can get a new BIOS chip, Please, help me out. I know there's still hope on fixing this but I'm out of solutions, anything will help at this point.
  13. A user by the name of Lizzo said that he had desoldered both BIOS chips and swapped their placements. Does anyone know which BOIS chip is the primary one and which one is the secondary? I'm thinking of desoldering one of them and trying to boot to see what happens but I wanna desolder the primary one (since that's the one holding the bad BIOS settings.
  14. Desoldering the CMOS battery and soldering it back on worked for me but only twice was I able to boot into my OS. Unfortunately I wasn't able to reproduce these results. I just need to boot into my OS one last time so that I can flash my bios back to stock. Where are the reset contacts specifically, can you post a pic of it?
  15. Imrule

    Y510p Bios

    You can try taking desoldering the CMOS battery waiting a few mins and soldering it back. Used only the external power cable to power the laptop and turn on using the NOVO button (side button). This only worked for me twice, but it never worked for me again. Still looking for alternative solutions.
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