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  1. So I have the Asus G11 with the GTX 970 and the ASUS VG248QE 3d monitor and I used a data port cable.. 2 issues. 1. the monitor says "Generic Pnp" in device manager and in Nvidea control panel list it as "Ancor Communic...." All drivers are up to date everywhere and double checked that.. second issue is the refresh rate wont go above 60hz am wondering how to fix both as ive googled it to death.
  2. Ive posted over 5 times and wanted to try out Klem's_vbios_MSI_GTX880M_80.04.EA.00.03_UNLOCKED buy still wont let me?
  3. Anbody played the awful rip off game called Paladins? No idea why they arent being sued.
  4. Ive never had anything but issues with Alienware. have owned 3 laptops and horrible to me and the customer service or lack of alone made me never ever to buy one again.
  5. I am homing to get 2 or 3.. one for my Asus G11 that has a 970M i use for work and 1 or 2 for a custom build.
  6. Hey Im RomulusCreative... I have asus g11 with 970m and upgraded speed of ram.. Also a Msi what would be a barebones case gt70 laptop that Xotic pc put their work in.. 880m ssd etc basically i do minor gaming with it and some editing with... Hope to build a custom one soon with watercooling and 2 1080s.
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