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  1. @jmlee5 I wasn't able to get this trick to work unfortunately. After disabling my Retina display with the app "DisableMonitor" the mouse couln't move to the screen anymore, but the display stayed on. Even closing the lid or turning brightness all the way down didn't help. Davinci always recognizes my 650m as the gpu. The key to success for havinng egpu support in premiere/davinci seems to be to disable the 650m. I can see two ways doing this: 1. Through efi modifications during startup (possible with refind) 2. Modify the Nvidia Web Drivers to give support for my egpu but somehow disable support for cards with 6xx The crazy thing is in Windows, I go to device manager, disable the 650m and everything works. If you enable Intel Iris you can even use your Laptop monitor as a second monitor together with the one connected to the egpu. So at the time being it seems that working in Windows is the only viable option if I want full eGPU support for applications like Davinci. Not the worst, but definitely not great, owning a Mac and using it as a PC...
  2. @Jmlee5 That's helpful thanks! Now that my 1060 is supported I'm trying to make Premiere and Davinci work with my egpu. I'll check this app out. @Gavner25 Does your iMac have a dGPU? Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you are not having any issues because you don't have an internal NVIDIA chipset with your iMac...
  3. I have Akitio Thunder 2 with 1060 6Gb on Macbook Retina 2013 and just updated from 372.70 to the newest version (something like 378.49) with Nvidia Experience and it worked like a charm!
  4. I tried that, unfortunately the command is not recognized by windows 10. It does execute without "default" in it, but its still showing the boot menu on the screens connected to the graphics card 3 out of 5 reboots.
  5. Hey guys, quick question: Does anyone of you experience the problem that from time to time when you start Windows on your Macbook the selection menu for "egpu setup 1.20" of windows's boot manager comes up on the external screen connected to the egpu? whenever this happens, I have to restart until the boot manager appears on the internal screen, quite annoying... @Tech Inferno Fan do you know why this might be happening?
  6. @gio7 that was my first idea as well. i wanted an egpu mainly for editing and coloring. i bought the 1060 6gb mini because this card felt perfect for an egpu setup: it fits into the akitio thunder case without bending, it can be powered by the dell power adapter (so i don't have a big computer psu on my desk) and its fast enought to play all current games on highest settings. i'm still waiting for the mac drivers though and hopefully this will happen one day. the card works really well in windows and I'm glad i don't experience any crashes like so many others who have a 970. But even if Mac Drivers get released for this card one day I might still run into issues with CUDA using my internal GPU instead of the eGPU. There is a post about this problem from @LukeHero and I don't know if there is a fix yet or if the new Premiere 2017 is managing things differently... Ironically in Windows I got everything working by just disabling my internal GT650m so that Premiere only uses the fast external eGPU.
  7. that's very strange. all i can say is that i haven;t run into any issues so far. the only problems i had so far was that some apps would still launch on the gtx650m dgpu. so i disabled the dgpu in device manager to force all apps to use the egpu. good luck with getting this fixed! have you tried my devcon?
  8. same here, very happy with the gtx1060! the driver problem sucks but it seems like people are getting closer to a software solution (or registry hack) for w10 to update to the newest nvidia drivers.
  9. Hey @Granty did you get it fixed? Here is my devcon.txt for 1060 6GB under Windows 10 Bootcamp. Just put it in c:/config Cheers, Chris devcon.txt.zip
  10. Yeah, I created c:\config myself and then copied the defcon file in there. Just to make sure I also left a copy in the c:\egpu folder. Not sure if that's being read at all... I've only had my egpu setup for 2 days with a total gaming time of maybe 6 hours (tested gta5, rise of the tomb raider and overwatch) and didnt have a single crash or BSOD. The Dell DA2 for powering the GTX1060 mini works really well so far!
  11. @maxjstep I have the same Macbook and just got my egpu setup built yesterday so if you're looking for long term feedback, I'm the wrong guy to ask. All I can say is that I'm very happy with the performance so far. All modern games I threw at it worked perfectly. By trade I'm doing a lot of video editing so I work a lot with Adobe Premiere. Unfortunately the new Pascal architecture, GTX1060 mini 6GB in my case is not supported yet under osx but a lot of people suspect support coming for these cards in the next month or so, likely when Apple presents the new Macbook. So it is a bit of a gamble to buy this card right now but to be honest, I just didn't want to wait any longer. Eventually I hope this card will help with Adobe Premiere and Davinci rendering. If you decide to build your own system I can highly recommend the 1060 mini from Zotac because it has the right size to fit in the case without any bending, is good on power consumption so it works well with the Dell DA2 adapter and is as powerful as a GTX980 but if I were you I would wait for OSX support. This thread is good to follow: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1080-1070.192399/page-70 BTW if you mainly want more displays, connect one to HDMI and two over the Thunderbolt/Displayport ports. This will give you 4 screens in total!
  12. Just playing "rise of the tomb raider" on my new akitio thunder 2 with dell da2 and gtx1060 mini. I'm blown away by how good games look these days. Bootcamp with win10 and egpu setup 1.2 was quite easy to get up and running. One tiny correction in your description under update 3: the file that i copied to c:\config was in v:\config instead of v: anyways, thanks for laying the groundwork for fellow macbook owners with the 650m!! Also many thanks to @Dschijn and @Tech Inferno Fan for the help and the great software!
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