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  1. I need this too mate. Let me know if you find anything.
  2. Hi guys, just joined! I've been heavily researching the eGPU setup I'm going to be using, my laptop is a Lenovo G505s (Windows 8.1) and I will be using an AMD R9 390 Strix, which will in the long term go into a desktop PC, so I will get full use. It's seems easy enough to set this up with an external display, but when it comes to an internal display things start getting complicated and, if you ask me, risky. I'm fixed on an AMD card, don't want Nvidia. Lots have people seem to have had success with Nvidia Optimus, so I wanted to know if there's anyone who has used AMD Dynamic Switchable Graphics. Not a big deal if I can't as an external display is fine, but it would still be nice. Thanks in advance, Charlie.
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