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  1. Could one of you fine sirs link me to an unlocked vbios for 6gb 970m MSI 13d8?
  2. Samseed

    Frankensteins lappy

    After an evening of googling, would it be safe to assume that the the best we can hope for is an i7-3740qm, gtx98m, ms-17631 for the gt70 chassis? A bit disappointing considering the possibilities with the new architecture but should still be quite the performer. https://world.taobao.com/item/538144341448.htm?spm=a312a.7700714.0.0.wm7MeZ#detail This is looks promising but would you happen to have the codename for that card, I cant read it off the chip? There is a nice thread going about the 1000 series http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/upgrade-mxm-or-wait-for-new-1000-series-cards.792965/page-11
  3. Samseed

    Frankensteins lappy

    I bet the majority of those images are mislabeled somehow and the variety is simply stupendous. I dont know why they insist on changing there boards so drastically, every single iteration. Being limited by your hardware is no fun when you want a custom machine even if you are willing to remove the side panels . In the end you can only ever take it so far.
  4. Samseed

    Frankensteins lappy

    This is why I get so confused when thinking about this project. Both of these are listed as MS-17811 V 1.0 and they look nothing like the one you posted(bottom) This is my conundrum. Do I spend $400+ on the off chance the chassis can be modified or spend 1000+ for a used rig that I can play mad scientist with. Of course if I have a working 72 why bother right?
  5. Samseed

    Frankensteins lappy

    I can see it now..the staticky hair, a wild look of satisfaction in my eyes.. But where to start that is the problem. Just finding images of anything after ms-1763 for comparison is a mind numbing task. The GT72 board, although vastly different component wise, does maintain the same general shape. A few new "access ports" in the chassis and it might actually be functional but short of actually getting my hands on one its a little tough to plan a project like that and was hoping someone might have a list of similar or compatible boards. If only MSI had devoted an advertising budget to their mobile boards as well.
  6. Maybe this will help http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/the-official-msi-gt60-70-970m-980m-upgrade-thread.765058/
  7. Samseed

    Frankensteins lappy

    While searching for the solution to my various problems I began wondering if there were any other motherboards that will fit into my gt70 case (or any another msi case for that matter) What are the physical differences between the various models of msi motherboards and how many are swappable/compatible? Is an msi Frankenstein possible?
  8. Hello everyone, great board. I wandered in here in search of a magic pill for my problomatic Gt70 0ne i7-3630qm 16gb gtx970m .51x .T24
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