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  1. Main problem with adapter is it's connector which is EOL now (end of life). It's more and more difficult to make this adapters. I still have original gerald adapter, but i can't sent it to US\EU regions simply because of PayPal\Postal restrictions and that i closed all my VISA\Mastercard cards after they left country (can't accept payments).
  2. No. You need two same GPUs. You have to connect eGPU to you monitor/TV. This way games use eGPU. If you just add eGPU to system - games will run on dGPU and picture will be on laptop display. I used fake HDMI adapter (so, system think it is real display) switch main display to fake and move game window on it. BUT, signal go on dGPU anyway (performance drop). I didn’t want to also buy new monitor.
  3. I still have got my original adapter from Gerald. May sell it if someone need it. Sent me P.M.
  4. @Swung Huangmay still manufacture them. Sent him P.M. I still have got original one from gerald. No longer use it.
  5. Need information about you NVIDIA driver version. I got more negative from that then positive. It's phisicly connected to display. When i got it disabled - display feel slow refrash rate. Like with Microsoft default driver installed. Yes, but it required extra actions depends of you driver. I always used last driver availible, but since NVIDIA cut Kepler from them - i have to add my GT 650M manually. That way it install driver for both: GT 650M and GTX 1080 Ti. Then i apply Error 43 fix and MUST go to Windows Group policy and disable update driver for specific GUID - GPU. If i will not do it - Windows detect that driver modded and reinstall driver from it's data base (some old, outdated driver). Also, it's possible to disable dGPU (GT 650M) in device manager. P.S. Important! To update driver you may need to revert restriction in Windows Group policy. Without that even user can't reinstall driver.
  6. This is difficult question. You may find this "ideal" GPU, but it's already medium power compare to today standard. Another option is get best on today and use it. It will bottleneck, but system in general is slowly dying. Later you just move GPU in desktop and sell laptop. Same with PSU. I got 430W just for GPU, but it's low for my current system, so i got second PSU - 850W. P.S. I don't know if PCIe 4.0 GPU work with this adapter. If not - upper limit will be... Titan V\Radeon VII? =)
  7. Yep, like my. I no longer use my adapter, since laptop BIOS is bricked. Already sold CPU and RAM from it. @StBalthazar, @Swung Huang adapter is best option for you since it's connect both HDD and eGPU to laptop.
  8. I got Sapphire Radeon R9 380X card. I bought it just to test with @gerald adapter on PCI Express compatibility. Card is old, was repaired, but still in working condition (i complete Mass Effect: Andromeda with it). Card itself support both PCI Express 3.0 and DirectX 12 and GPU-Z indeed see it max bandwidth as x16 3.0, but card work only at x8 2.0 (5 GT\s). So, maybe difference between GeForce and Radeon how maximum working bandwidth is shown to user. Radeon show everything, GeForce show only it's working conditions. I also must say, that after i install driver for Radeon i didn't got Error 43 on card. Simple and easy. I got UL 3DMark Advanced Edition benchmark and it's PCI Express test, so i actually tested bandwidth for both: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Gaming and Sapphire Radeon R9 380X. It's same - 3.28 GB\s.
  9. My system work fine. I got few strange problems with game Mass Effect Andromeda, when during some cut scenes picture freeze and GPU is disconnect in the system, so i have to reboot. I saw it only in this game. I tested few settings (Ultra, High), but at the end i set Ultra settings and it's fine now. You got such behavior only in one game?
  10. Nah... i am O.K. with a switch. I finally did it, but posted small video in another topic. I just connected switch to brown cable.
  11. I want to return back to PCI Express 2.0 problem on Lenovo Y500. My CPU and GPU clearly support 3.0, but for some reason system allow only 2.0 connection. Recently der8auer released video where he installed Intel NUC 9 in desktop motherboard (mini PC inside PC) and GTX 1050 Ti. NUC 9 steal some PCI-E lanes so GTX 1050 Ti work only as x8 3.0, then he tape few pins of NUC PCI-E and installed it again and after that GTX 1050 Ti got x16 3.0. So, maybe because of dGPU always present in system Y500 have got 2.0?
  12. I just found time and work a bit with fan speed switch. I added it on brown wire. Fan model is not original, i used Delta fan. My keyboard wasn't fixed, so i can switch it ON and OFF just by lift keyboard. Results: Cinebench R15 3,5-2,7 GHz STD fan mode - 552 points (NTR_0 in ThrottleStop) Frequency drop Temp: 82-87C (delta 5C) 3,5 GHz Max fan mode - 629 points (NTR_1 in ThrottleStop) Temp: 88-94C (delta 6C) Cinebench R20 2,7 GHz STD fan mode - 1 049 points (NTR_0 in ThrottleStop) Temp: 79-84C (delta 5C) 3,5-3,3 GHz STD fan mode - 1 337 points (NTR_1 in ThrottleStop) Temp: 100-103C (delta 3C) PROCHOT 3,5-3,4 GHz Max fan mode - 1 332 points (NTR_1 in ThrottleStop) Temp: 96-101C (delta 5C) P.S. Note that temp is high because i use Panasonic GraphiteTIM (soft-PGS) instead of regular thermal paste.
  13. Are you stay forever on laptop? You can go another way - get GPU for you desktop. It will work in adapter too, but you don't need to sell it later. Just transfer in desktop. Also, on one Russian site was nice review of HL:A and 20 GPUs in VR. You may look table at the end. Here is link: https://3dnews.ru/1010227
  14. Fan control actually may be good. After few BIOS updates i lost current RPM. I no longer see it in software. I still using my Y500 + GTX 1080 Ti, but most of hardware for PC are collected (Motherboard, RAM, PSU). Currently i wait for decent CPU (maybe Ryzen 9 3900XT). After that i install stock Windows, clean laptop and sell it. P.S. Few weeks ago i founded docs on my laptop. I bought it in 2013 year. It's still alive for a long time.
  15. Напишите Swung Huang личное сообщение. Последние адаптеры производит он. Только на английском.
  16. Just checked my NVIDIA Control Panel and i see all options. But i didn't tested them. P.S. I have got custom install of drivers, since NVIDIA deleted my dGPU (GT 650M) from drivers.
  17. I already talk about it before: There some Cons and Pros of such conversion. Main problem - you will lost display and have to buy monitor. But ASRock is interesting company, they creating interesting motherboards.
  18. Hm... accidently founded this topic. To ALL what is done with my Y500 i need to overclock display now. Right. O.K., here is specs: Display Model: LG\Philips (LP156WF1-TLC1) Display Resolution: 1920x1080 Display Type: Glossy I was able to set 120Hz and also catch pretty long and solid line in UFO Frame Skipping Check. How i can test will it boot with such high (100-120Hz) refrash rate without stuck with black screen? I can undo it in safe mode? DDU display driver?
  19. Need more data, mate! What's you AMD GPU? Which BIOS do you have? Do you mod bios or it's in stock condition? It may help to figure out faster what's going on.
  20. Anyone got information about Power brick compatibility between Y500 (i got 170W model) and Y510p (130W model)? I want to buy Y510p, but it’s have got 130W model. P.S. I know that SLI versions of laptop have got better power brick, but is it really matter with Ultrabay adapter and ePSU and eGPU?
  21. I don't want to order, since i have plans to sell my Y500 (but maybe i will get Y510p just for testing). I just thought it will be nice to offer people wide options in color. My personal opinion that black will fit best laptop color. But who knows, maybe someone want it to fit GPU color.
  22. Because people are still looking for it. Just like you and me. =) And also new generations are soldered. If such laptop is broken (dead CPU) - it's garbage and too expensive to replace CPU. 3rd and 4th gens are still have nice socket. i7-4910MQ and i7-4900MQ are rare. I saw few at lockal platforms similar to eBay. I checked again and there a lot of diffirent models... 4910, 4900, 4810, 4800, 4710, 4700. Even XM models. \Expensive\ i7-4800MQ have got 6 Mb cache. P.S. Another option is find laptop with such CPU. Buy it, swap CPU and sell again.
  23. I have got few things to share: 1. I ask unclewebb (ThrottleStop Author) about problem with Lenovo Y500 - CPU throttling when GPU have got temp more then 52°C. He recommended next: But i told unclewebb, that have got Ivy Bridge CPU, so no FIVR option for me. He suggested another thing: It's under "TRL" button in main menu. I tested it and it working. 2. I tested two memory kits: 1. Kingston HyperX Impact HX318LS10IBK2/16 (2x8Gb, 2Rx8, DDR3L, 1866MHz, CL10); 2. G.Skill Ripjaws V F3-1866C11D-16GRSL (2x8Gb, 2Rx8, DDR3L, 1866MHz, CL11). Kingston start normally, i tested speed and latency in AIDA64, but it can't pass MemTest86. One memory module have no errors, but second one have got 75+ errors(!). Each module was tested in same DIMM slot. I talk with seller and ask to test it in his laptop (Lenovo Z710). He sent me results - 0 errors! G.Skill at the same time have no errors in my laptop. Each kit is DDR3L (low power) and backward compatible with DDR3. Each have got higher frequency (1866MHz) then maximum compatible with CPU (1600MHz). I don't know why Kingston act like this. Maybe because it's have Micron chips, when G.Skill have got SK hynix.
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