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  1. ok i remove my battery and use only adapter but same problem.i swap to use other adapter problem not solved.
  2. i found this http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lenovo-Y410P-Y510P-Ultrabay-Adapter-for-PCIe-graphic-cards-/191955554848?hash=item2cb1715220:g:RxQAAOSwmtJXUurb
  3. @Tesla thank for you answer. Anyone can apply to use alienware graphics amplifier with untrabay portral.
  4. This laptop use chipset hm87/hm77 it support PCIe 2.0. Why external eGPU show PCIe3.0@8x?
  5. My y500 cannot turn on.some time can turn on. any advice?
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