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  1. Ouh, awesome. I am searching for this like years literally! @Baker. i am using the P670RS-G with a GTX1070 and all i wanna do is to get rid of the power Limits of my Card. Right now i am using the latest EC and Bios from XMG because they put a lot of work in it to adjust the fan tables and they did nicely and i like the logo more than the stock one. i would love to try your bios but can i: 1) downgrade back to the XMG Bios, just in case, or will it brick my machine? Guess i can. 2) Is the Boot-Logo part of the EC or Bios? I guess it the in the bios? I would love to have a custom one. Would pay for that Also the download link for my machine seems broken or do i miss something? thx so much man! cant believe i finally found some modded stuff for this Laptop!
  2. Deleting the xtu didnt help with the x.72 Version. thx tho. who is working on that EC, prema or clevo? how did you know that a fix is coming?
  3. thx! wierd. .81 is recognizing my settings without deleting xtu.exe but the fans behave crazy even more. sigh*
  4. interesting. can you provide me a link to the x.82 CCC? i will try the xtu thing. byby undervolting i guess :/
  5. Hey guys, i have a few probs with my new P670RS-G. win 10 anny newest nvidia driver gtx 1070 i7 6700hq i cant get the custom fan profile working. i tried CCC version x.72 (shipped version), x.58 (from clevo download) and x.39 (from my old P706 XMG) the fan cooler is doing what he wants, he start at 50-51° with full speed and stops at 47°, no matter which custom setting i try. on top of that the x.72 version does not recognize my fan settings after a reboot. realy frustrating. i did several clean windows installations with different driver setups, it just dont work. discrete or hybrid modus have both this problem. bios and ec is 1.05.01. if you need an further infos, ls let me know, any! tips are welcome. is hat a known, comon issue? google doesnt help here :/ problem nr. 2: my audio driver setup is looping a deinstallation routine, deinstall, reboot, deinstall, reboot infinite. i tried to uninstall the audio driver manually but it doesnt work. aaand, is there a way to disable the oem bootlogo with uefi boot enabled? or can i change the logo somehow? do i need uefi boot? guess i do?
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