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  1. Hello I have a GTX 780m on an Alienware M17xr3 Windows 7. The card is working find but I want to update from 344.75 to 372.70. I was able to update yesterday from 344.11 to 344.75 to experiment on how I could do it. Found a guide and was able to do it no problem. From there I was directed here to upgrade to a 372.70. I pretty much have no idea how this works since I am fairly new at this. I got what you were saying but when I try to download your modded inf nv_dispi.inf_v372.70_Win7_8.1_PEG_Dedicated_Alienware.zip it keeps giving me the "page not found" error so I was just wondering if was only me that was having this problem. -edit Oh I completely missed a comment that said the reason why it was so XD -edit 2 Just adding this, installed it perfectly followed instructions and it works amazingly. Crazy good stuff THANKS!!
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