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  1. @benjaminlsr, Each GPU manufacturer has their own overclocking software. They are all free. MSI's Afterburner tool is widely considered the best. It should work just fine. If not, since you have a Zotac card, right? Give Zotac firestorm a try. These overclocking tools ARE cross compatible. Good luck, let us know how the testing goes! Interested to see the results.
  2. Getting good airflow can be lots of fun. I agree with Splitframe, flip the fans. Pull air in with the GPU fan and exhaust it with the Noctuas. Your tempratures should improve. Speaking of tempratures, can you give us some numbers? I'm curious about the performance with and without the Noctuas. I good test is to measure the max temperature after 3 runs of Unigine. You can use a GPU overclocking tool (MSI Afterburner, etc..) to get fan speed and temperature measurements. I would love to know the temps, with and without added fans. Thank you. Oh, and so happy to see these modifications! Nice work.
  3. Very nice. Notcua makes some of the best fans. It wasn't clear from your post, but are the Noctua fans running on the same PWM signal as the GPU fan? So, they spin up and down along with the GPU fan?
  4. Wait, do you mean Newton's law 1.3 or 2.0? It hard to keep all the laws of physics straight, what with all the constant revisions.
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