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  1. The 1060 is probably the best upgrade from a gtx970 IMO. For around 250 bucks for the EVGA SuperClocked version, you get a whole lot of card for a very low price. Also, for those using a projector and still at 1080p resolution, it's a no-brainer! Will run everything maxed out at 60fps! Heaven!
  2. Hi guys, I needed help and feedback with a problem I was facing with my laptop, particularly a VGA card upgrade that I did. I posted the topic in detail here: Though I need additional feedback and information regarding: Power Supply: I have a default 180W PSU that came with the MSi with the 8gb 675M card, and the 880M is only 5W more TDP, but still I wanted to know if that was sufficient. Oddly enough when I bought the card I was told that I'd need a 240W PSU. Could that be a contributing factor to why the card isn't performing as it should (all pictures etc attached with the post. Thermals: When repasting and retaping, do I need to put thermal tape over the VRMs? If there is a bigger gap between the heatsink and the VRMs, and I use a 5mm thermal tape/pad, will it be alright or will it contribute to additional heat buildup? Heatsink: Do I need to wipe down/wash the copper pipes of the heatsink with any particular material. It all looks shiny enough, but does invisible top coating of maybe dust/oil reduce heat dissipation?
  3. Okay, right, gottit. Well, if more people would have replied to my post, then maybe a conversation would've started, however, besides you that post just stagnated I was honestly looking for tons of opinions of many people, but the response was, as you saw, overwhelming Is there a way I can repost that to a troubleshooting thread somewhere on the forum? *wondering*
  4. Thanks Mr. Fox. Although, after more than a week, I'm still wondering why I am not promoted yet. I'm still waiting on a promo, so I can get that 880m bios and be rid of my throttling woes for good! (fingers crossed!)
  5. Hello everyone, I'm Talat, I'm new here at TI. I'm a regular person, not much going on there. Professionally: Illustrator/Artist, Designer, Language teacher (French Advanced, German Basic level). Hobbys: Videogames, Photography, Animation. DTR: MSi GT7x Series with gtx880m Custom Desktop: 6700K, 32GB Vengeance3000c15, Maximus VIII Impact, h80iv2, intel 750 series 400gb, gtx1060, all stuffed nicely in a cm elite 130. Theatre room: BenQ W1070, Custom Audio: Denon (amp), Onkyo D602F (main A), Victor AV3 (main B), Onkyo D202aii & D202ii liverpools as surrounds, 100W Yamaha Sub. Work Monitor: Eizo FlexScan 2462W (still going strong after all these years!) Do all my gaming at 1080p, at 100", so I don't need a bigger vga card at all if anyone thinks i've spent so much on audio and hardware and don't even have a 1080, well, I don't need it. Not at 4K yet, so might as well keep saving for an amp that supports 4k passthrough plus a 4k projector! That's about it. And oh, i'm also a bit of a fitness buff, though I would never compare myself to anyone at all. I was always a weakling since childhood, so I think I have achieved a huge amount by being as fit as I can be withing my limitations. I did 3 rounds of BeachBody's 21DayFix backtoback, then P90X3. *you can't wish for it, you have to work for it!*
  6. Dear Mr. Fox, thank you for your warm welcome. I also wanted to ask..could it be my powersupply? I have a stock 180W PSU that came with the MSi. The 675M ran fantastic, no issues, no throttling at all, (although you are probably right about overheating leading to a burnout, makes sense) and the 880M is just 3W over that, so is my PSU still sufficient? I read on other forums (particularly Nvidia and Alienware owners forums), that many manufacturers provide an unrealistically low power PSU, which is in many cases insufficient for the GPUs that they put in the laptops, especially the x80M series cards. Also, I am in no hurry after ALL this time to get the file, although, would you please guide me in the right direction in order to be able to flash the vbios correctly (i.e. all the extra software needed, plus a step by step walkthrough on how to do it), it would be a massive help.
  7. Dear people, I am facing a strange issue. I have an MSi GT70 ONC (i7 3610QM, 12GB RAM, with GTX 675M) The VGA card burned out due to an unknown failure during a rather long gaming session of Dungeon Siege 3, and after having it checked thoroughly at my local repair shop, I was relieved to know that the rest of the system was OK and only the VGA card had burned out. I decided to upgrade the card to a GTX 880M (snapshot attached) After determining that the GTX 880M would fit into the MXM slot, and was only 3 Watts more in TDP, I decided to buy it. It fit fine, I pasted it taped it and set it in myself. Installed everything fresh, but when I ran benchmarks of the 880M, I was a bit disappointed because I was getting anywhere from 20-25fps less in most cases as compared to given benchmarks for the card for various games and benchmarks on various websites with the same settings (Tomb Raider 2013, Unigine Heaven 3.0, Metro LL). As far as I have been able to understand, the card is not getting enough VDDC. I have seen people unlock the bios and reach a VDDC of 1.01V and in some cases even more. On this page, it says that the max VDDC is meant to be 1.137V http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/my-nvidia-gtx-880m-test-run-review.746259/ My card maxes out at a VDDC of 0.9870/0.9810 (snapshot attached) I have also attached the 4 perfomance state snapshots from nvidia inspector. If you see the first three screens, it shows the VDDC range from 0.600V to 1.137V (greyed out). On the last one it shows the voltage offset. I have also attached a unigine heaven bench result. It shows 60.6 fps. According to NotebookCheck it should be 80!! I have also attached the gpuz perf cap pwr snapshots too. Note: I am in a very hot country, ambient temperature is ~35. CPUs and GPUs often go to around 85 degrees or so, we know it is normal here. That aside, if you see the snapshots, everytime the card gets near full load (>95% or so), gpuz shows perf cap pwr, and VDDC lingers around 0.9370. You can see that throughout the benchmark the whole bar is green almost all the way throughout! Please help, this is making me go absolutely crazy. I spent $600 on this card (about 6 months back), and I've just been using the laptop off and on because I just feel so upset and turned off knowing my card is performing NOWHERE near its full potential. Plz note, I do not know what many of these terms mean (VDDC (the gpuz tooltip says it's the voltage the card is getting, thus I guessed that that's what the card isn't getting enough of), Voltage Offset), and I had the urge to change the voltage offset, but didn't before I understood what it was so I didn't burn my card out of dumb trial and error. In addition, quite oddly, the unigine bench shows the GPU model as the built in Intel HD 4000 :S:S:S
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