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  1. SS_Storm

    BIOS location of P570WM3

    oh thanks! really help me out, i will try reflash bios tomorrow.
  2. SS_Storm

    BIOS location of P570WM3

    Hello! I'm new on BIOS modification, I was try to unlock more functions on my P570WM3's BIOS. But when I finished flashing BIOS into laptop using "AFU APTIO 4" and reboot into BIOS It seems OK, I can see more options than CLEVO official BIOS. Then I literally DID NOT touch or change anything I just hit save and exit. When start booting It just freeze at bootlogo then after few seconds power cut off. I tried some steps: remove battery and hold power button 30s remove BIOS battery also copy BIOS file to USB device and rename P570WM3.ROM then hold FN + B and hit power button. but nothing happened. So I guess the only way to bring It back is using programmer flash BIOS file directly. Can anyone tell me where is P570WM3's BIOS location on motherboard? much thanks. (or extra tips maybe fix BIOS problem without programmer?) (I heard about there is color on BIOS, red? yellow? white?)

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