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  1. Thanks for the response! My card was fine actually. Had to do a few things I still have to boot first, then plug in expresscard, then power on egpu. That's the only way it's detected. Had to make a proper configuration save/load dump. The troubleshooting instructions for this are a bit overly complicated. The setup 1.x tells you everything very clearly Enter sleep, unplug and power off egpu, reconnect, wake from sleep. That's what finally got it detected with no errors! I'm not sure if it was the configuration save/load that, or just the sleep thing that got it running, but anyways it's working quite well now. At this point the process looks like this - boot setup 1.x menu, connect the egpu, disable the dgpu, load dump, pci compaction, then to windows. I'll run it with a .bat file eventually I suppose, if it aint broke...
  2. I'm trying to determine if perhaps my pe4c or gtx 960 is broken. When I run setup 1.30 it only detects the egpu about 20% of the time, and when it is detected, the fans slow down and eventually stop. Should they be running the entire time correct? Edit: This if for a lenovo w530 btw. I switched out the dell power supply for a 24 pin desktop supply and can have it consistently detected now. I have to plug in the express card after the bios, and then power it on. However the fans are still staying off throughout setup. I don't believe the card is broken as the fans have powered up... I'm getting the error code 43 in device manager... tried a "load dump" as well as the verde drivers (won't let me finish the install). Any ideas?
  3. Hey folks. I'm have an odd set of problems with this. (w530, setup 1.30, gtx 960, pe4c) Basically when I'm plugging in the express card, the graphics card powers up just fine (fans blowing steady), but the setup fails to detect it. BUT if I plug it in a certain way, or once or twice later, the fans will slow to a stop, and it is detected! I managed to go through the whole process and have it appear in the device manager, but I can't play any games or run a benchmark. and nvidia geforce doesn't detect anything. Any help would be much appreciated. Did I get a faulty pe4c?
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