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  1. I succeeded , just needed to deactivate gpu and reactivate it with immediately clicking on modme.bat , it worked smoothly . now i can overclok the gpu as i wish with nvidia inspector
  2. Hello ; I have a question : i have a clevo p651se with premabios and i also have a vbios from prema for the gtx970m 3gb p6xxse , i follow the written instructions but each time i click on modme.bat i obtain ERROR: no nvidia display adapters found . there is also in the folder a SE970MOC.rom , can i flash it with an other tool , or can i use the vbios you gave the link above ? and after that , will i be able to change voltage gpu freq etc with nvidia inspector , msi after burner or should i always flash the vbios to change them ? edit : i found this does this method still work ? THanks in advance !
  3. I finally dowloaded the prema biosmod and the modded bios was inside , i also give a little money to prema to thanks him. After some hour of search because of some "resume from hibernation" problem which didn't allow me to enter the bios non modded ( problem solved only type shutdown /s /f /t 0 on the command window and you will have a full shutdown ) i finally found the version of my bios : 1.03.01 , i also found on an other website a newer bios for the computer (http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/clevo-bios-older-models-released-in-after-2014.790474/ ) 1.05.01 "support for win 10" , i am already in win 10 ^^ , my question: should i install the premamod bios now or should i update the EC and bios before ???? and second question does the premamod bios change something about pciessd compatibility ? (nvme 3.0 etc. )???? THANKS for reading !
  4. Hello everyone, I have a clevo p651se and his harddrive is almost full , so i wanted to buy a m.2 pcie ssd and since this computer has pcie2.0 x4 connector i was wondering if there is a mod to update this to 3.0 or to support the nvme , i saw on the first page that there is only a vbios for p65xse , which is only for gpu i think? thanks
  5. I bought a lq156d1jx01 screen and i needed also a new cable the 6-43-P6501-051-1C , and now all work fine , it's so good to be able to see yellow !! the smiley is finally yellow!
  6. Hello i just read your amazing topic I have a clevo P651se with a SAMSUNG LTN156FL02-L01 (uhd) panel who has the most ugly yellow and orange in the world even the smiley here is ocher ^^ i want to buy a SHARP LQ156D1JW04 (uhd) who like the Samsung is edp , do you believe that the replacement will work ??
  7. thaks for the reply! "in the OP of this very thread. " means the first page of the topic? I found it thanks P6 (v)BIOS P6xxSE_39_310_PM
  8. hello I have a clevo p651se with a gtx 970m 3gb , I was wondering if someone here has a vbios for this computer , I have searched for so long on the internet , I found a vbios on techpowerup from Prema but it's for clevo p650se gtx970m 3gb ... . I am not well versed in vbios , What tool would you recommand to install a vbios and do i need to save the bios before? ( i have tried to save with gpu-z but it didn't work ): ) if you can help me I will be very happy. ( sorry for the english , i live in france and the english language isn't my mothertongue ) Thanks
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