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  1. Hey could you help me to mod my vBios on Asus rog GL551JW 860m 2gb? For some reason I'm unable to extract the vbios, if you have interest in helping me, ill try my best in extracting vbios.
  2. @ssamydla Actually no. My hp came with intel i3 i330m by HP. The both video cards weren't conflicting at all. It was some buggy situation in the change driver. So it had to use intel graphics in battery mode as less power consumtion and AMD when the cord is plugged in. At the end does it worth the money (near by 300$) for x1 link speed? 1. "Beast-a" - 30$2. Egpu Gtx 970 - 200$3. PSU - 30-40$ this is the conf that I'm looking for.. P.s Why most of the ppl chouse Nvidia instead of AMD?
  3. Hi guys, I got invoved 1 weak ago in this eGPU thing. So I read almost non stop about this tiny tool. So I'm a student, who needs laptop for basic collage tasks but sometime for some gamming to. As a student I'm almost broke af and can not affort a new laptop. So thats why I'm here. I have some basic questions 1. Whats the max bandwight that I can reach? (forgot to mantion that my laptop is HP G62 with upgraded CPU to i7 620M,128GB SSD 850 evo,HDD 1TB WD,RAM 8GB DDR3,DGPU Ati Radeon5470m and HD4000 *I'm not sure about that one because I have disabled it from the BIOS long time ago because I had problems with the autoswiching* pretty much thats it) 2. I see lot of ppl chouse Nvidia instead of ATI, why do they do it? 3. I play basic games like LOL, GTA5 and pretty I have no chance to test nothin else. For those that would advice me to get a PC RIG - I had one not long time ago but I sold it cuz I need portable machine. Anyways I still keep serching for some usefull information about this whole thing. At the end I'd to ask if the whole thing just worth the money? P.S my questions might sounds stupid to most of you, but every singe pro here made their step somehow so please don't judge me. P.S2 Just to make sure Ive uploaded the diagram of my laptop (not sure if this is how its called )
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