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  1. Do you have some info on any performance gains in actual games?
  2. I'm kind of necroing this, but there aren't any risks to overclocking your display. I'm at 90hz right now on my y500, and it's stable that way.
  3. The mouse input lag is usually caused by having vsync turned on. My y500 is a used one that I bought last year and I haven't met with those FPS problems yet, so it could be an isolated case. The only thing that comes to mind right away is throttling from overheating. Did you monitor your temperatures?
  4. I used a can of compressed air to blow out every single part of the laptop(took the back off too). Also got a Coolermaster SF-17 cooling pad and it probably helps a few degrees.
  5. Could this mod be used to possibly make a ram setup work that doesn't work under stock settings? I got 2 1866 corsair vengeanaces but they only work if I leave a stock 1600 ram inside along with one of the new ones. If I could change something in the bios to get the 2 1866s working together that would be swell.
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