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  1. I want to double check. I have a Sager 9170 with a 4GB 680M and I want to make sure this works with my setup. Will this affect Nvidia Optimus in any way? Also do I only need to use the steps in the "[GUIDE] NVIDIA VBIOS flashing" thread for flashing these vbios? Sorry, I am a little newbish coming to flashing GPU bios subject. Thank you for your help.
  2. 128GB of RAM? I am a little curious, what does your task manager percentage show? Plus, is it possible to ever fill that RAM up even to 25%?
  3. Used a Logitech MX518, but currently I am using Razer Abyssus for my laptop.
  4. I personally prefer Nvidia because of their drivers and features, such as ambient occlusion. I had a few AMD cards in the past, but their poor driver support has always brought me back to Nvidia. It's doesn't mean I will always be a fan of Nvidia though, I am a little ticked at them for pulling voltage control on their 600 series cards. Maybe, if AMD get some nice features like Nvidia, I will jump ship back over to the red side.
  5. Is the enduro under-utilization issue fixed with the 12.9 drivers? Or are you running off the dedicated CPU directly?
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