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  1. Bought a 6205 card off of Amazon, do a search for product code B004NNZB4A, and swapped it in my Y580 with the unlocked/no-whitelist BIOS. Connected to the 5ghz on my WNDR3700. Works great and much better than the stock 2200N that was in here. Thanks again for your work svl7 on the BIOS and empirehell on your wifi card recommendation!
  2. You are right. My bad. It's a separate module. It's a BCM920702 with a separate connector on the motherboard. I found the reference in the Y480/Y580 Hardware Maintenance Manual found here: http://consumerdl.lenovo.com.cn/UserFiles/UserGuide/en/User's%20guides%20and%20manuals/Y480Y580/Lenovo%20Y480&Y580%20Hardware%20Maintenance%20Manual%20V1.0.pdf
  3. Thanks for pointing that out. It makes better sense. Somehow I thought the Broadcom bluetooth chipset was integrated on the same package as the 2200n. Guess I should of read up more on how everything was integrated into the Y580 with the different devices and chipsets. On a separate note, has anyone been experiencing weird wifi issues with the 2200n and the Windows 8 enterprise trial version? I have the latest 15.5 intel drivers and sometimes when it comes out of hibernation, it won't allow it to connect to any wifi APs and shows a stale list of available APs without refreshing. Disable/enable the wifi seems to correct the issue. I'm thinking either driver related or some Windows 8 bug.
  4. I've built systems with both in the past but I'm going to lean towards Nvidia. Just seems like their drivers were always more polished.
  5. It's really sad..AMD for a little while there, back when the Athlon came out, was going toe to toe with Intel.
  6. That's lame they put a whitelist..I was looking forward to replacing my 2200n with a 6235
  7. Probably..ha! Seriously though, that's a ridiculous card for a laptop. Puts my 660m to shame. Thanks for the review
  8. l242l

    unlocking y580 bios

    Thanks for your work, been patiently waiting for this! Do we know yet if this fixes the close lid wakeup to external screen screen yet?
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