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  1. Could the expresscard HDMI wire be damaged even though the graphics card runs and the GDC beast turns on? I sometimes while plugged in can see the GPU in the device manager but it quickly disappears. Could it be my HDMI wire? how can i test it.
  2. Ive had my GDC beast 8.0 with GTX 750ti for 6months now. There was no issue before recently but suddenly my set up hangs i get a black screen with weird sounds from the speakers, it switches to my internal monitor and I get a blue screen with a CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT error. It only happens when i turn on games and at random times. sometimes 2mins, some times 5-10mins. Really frustrating as I had a working system before but now its all gone to shit. My set up. GDC EXP BEAST 8.0 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750ti 8gb ram intel core i5 CPU M 540 @ 2.53GHz I am 95% sure its not a power issue as Ive tried both a ATX 500wat power supply and the DELL 220W adapter. Reinstalled all the drivers with a clean nvidia driver and problem still persists. Any and all help is appreciated.
  3. So if you had a suggestion for a card that isnt that new that could be a upgrade to 1060, what could it be? would a 900 series card work? yeah i know the 1.1 is holding me back hard but currently no choice but to tough it through. Thanks for your helpful reply.
  4. So I currently am using a GDC beast 8.0 with a 220W dell power supply. My GPU is the GTX 750 ti which does not require its own power. In 2weeks time I want to upgrade my GPU to the GTX 1060 6gb version. I have 2 questions regarding this. First, how would i power the new card, do i need to use a ATX power supply or can i just connect a pin from the GDC beast to the new GPU. Will the DELL 220W supply be enough for the card? Second, my CPU is OLD. It is the first gen i5 540m for the 8440p. It only supports gen 1 port, atleast that is what @****** told me. Can i use a brand new card such as the 1060 on this CPU without issues with the EGPU? If you need any more information please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks for reading.
  5. I Have a windows PC so not a mac. Do you have any tips on what i should do to fix my power issue?
  6. Anyone got any insight? I have HIGH CPU usage every time i run something on the eGPU connection
  7. Hello everyone, thanks to this site i have got a old laptop working with a eGPU. my set up 8.0 GDC beast vidock, EVGA GTX 750ti, 430W psu HP 8440p. Now while playing a games my FPS is very stable and really decent. My problem arises while doing other activities such as browsing the web or youtube. It seems my computer slows down A lot while connected to the eGPU system. I attached some tests I thought would be helpful. If you require anything else please ask. Thanks and love this forum for letting me game on my old as hell laptop! Would overclocking help in anyway? Thanks in advance for anyone reading this.
  8. Problem is i think( i am not sure on this) my laptop can only support gen1. It is a HP laptop 8440p with Intel(R) 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset.
  9. So i am in a similar boat. after setting everything up and getting things working it feels like my GPU just isnt performing. The fan seems very quiet. It is a gtx 750ti. here is my GPU-Z. any help is appreacited. adding my iGPU picture too
  10. Ok so using FurMark to stress test my GPU. it immediate crashes the eGPU and switches to my internal monitor and iGPU. Same with any games. Seems like as soon as the 750ti gets some work it disconnects until i pop out the expresscard and replug it back in.
  11. DUDE your a beast it worked. Ok so after i got the LARGE MEMORY in my Device manager i managed to get my eGPU to boot via DVI to a external monitor. Problem is do i need to do any 1.x-1.30 things? I feel like my performance is really shit. I tried running a game on steam and it ran in amazing FPS but then crashed. I tried running 3DMark Demo off steam and also that crashed. If anyone can help me i can provide any information you need to assist me.
  12. ASL Input: dsdt.dsl - 25389 lines, 939167 bytes, 9706 keywords AML Output: dsdt.aml - 127079 bytes, 1455 named objects, 8251 executable opcodes Compilation complete. 0 Errors, 29 Warnings, 56 Remarks, 3999 Optimizations, 31 Constants Folded So i managed to get a compile working. then loaded the table using C:\Users\zayan\Desktop\tool>asl /loadtable dsdt.aml Microsoft ACPI Source Language Assembler Version 3.0.1NT [Aug 29 2006, 14:17:49] Copyright (c) 1996,2006 Microsoft Corporation Compliant with the ACPI 3.0a Specification Table overloading succeeded Still after it working i get no Large memory section under >Resources by connection This means I am still stuck in (code 12) when i connect my gpu. Any and all help is greatly apprecaited. Attached is a picture of my device manager and also the DSDT.dsl i used. dsdt.rar
  13. So Ive been trying to DSDT override my PC since I am getting the (code 12) from my GTX 750 ti. I have a HP 8440p with only a iGPU on the system. Ive been following and ended up with 2 errors. I need help fixing these 2 errors. On a side note everyone seems to be having a PCI BUS section in DEVICE MANAGER>CONNECTIONS BY RESOURCE I do not seem to have connections with the name PCI BUS. Attached is a picture of my memory section of device manager. attaching my dsl file dsl file.rar
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