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  1. HI @Klem This is my result.rar from a Y50-70 860M 4GB https://www.sendspace.com/file/e0wofn I wanted to upgrade to a ax200ngw wifi card and realized that I need a BIOS mod, so with that said can I have the whitelist removed, also vbios unlock and hidden bios menu unlock? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi @Klem, can you unlock my vbios for the 840M? (ASUS K451ln) I already modded the vbios a bit to undervolt the GPU by raising the Max Table Clock, but depending on the game I still got stutters and clock drops that showed in GPU-Z as PerfCap Reason: Pwr, which I assume is hitting PowerLimit throttle but then this only happen in games, in Furmark I can force it to run with 1.2V voltage and doesn't hit that power throttle, so Im hoping that having unlocked TDP maybe could solve the issue. When I edit my vbios with Maxwell BIOS Tweaker the memory clock and temp target also doesn't seem to stick, hopefully that would be fixed as well Thanks in advance! This is my the vbios Im using 840M.rom And this is the default one I pulled from the latest system bios 840M.bin I also tried a modded vbios that presumedly has been unlocked and made for the Acer Aspire E5-572G, but after numerous tries the gpu is not recognized after I replace the vbios using UEFITools (MMTools report a "Invalid FFS" error that I assume due to mismatch checksum since the size of 2 BIOSes are different) Aspire E5-572G.rom
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