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  1. Hello all, I currently have a GTX 970 eGPU attached to my Asus ROG g551j laptop. I have run the VR ready app on steam and it says that my pc is VR ready. However, it is an eGPU.. so would the HTC / Oculus actually work with it? Could i get a stable 60 FPS ?? Has anyone tried it already? Thank you in advance, Bryan
  2. My GPU load stays at 0%.. nothing appears when i connect my TV directly to the eGPU.. and the laptop itself refuses to use the eGPU; instead it uses the iGPU..
  3. I use Asus ROg G551J. It is not possible to change the BIOS primary display with this comp. I also tried installing the Setup 1.x but it wont let me install it. There is no boot screen on TV. Only can see the BIOS on the TV
  4. I have a question.. everything is connected:the eGPU is recognized (in device manager)+Updated, and the eGPU is connected to the TV. When i boot the laptop; the TV is black and it boots only on my laptop screen. However, when i boot and i go into the BIOS; the BIOS appears on BOTH my laptop screen and TV screen. So that means that there is a connection which should work.. I don't understand why i can see the BIOS on both screens but out of the BIOS: the TV screen is black and I can only see my laptop screen. My problem is that the eGPU is recognized BUT when i launch a game: My computer still uses the integrated graphics card EVEN though i have set 'Preferred Graphics Processor to High Performance NVIDIA" in NVIDIA Control Panel and it states that 'My Rig' has a GTX 970 in NVIDIA GeForce Experience. Ive also noticed that when i launch a game; the eGPU Clock goes up to 1000 for 2 seconds and then back down to 135MHz (idle). What is happening?? Please help!! BTW i did start in LEGACY Mode but still no luck.
  5. Sounds like i have a similar problem. Just to know.. Does anything appear on your monitor/TV that is connect to your eGPU ?
  6. Hello all, I currently have a Asus G551JM with a dGPU 860m; and I also receieved a GTX 970 with a PCI-e GDC Beast v8. Everything is installed: the dGPU is disabled, the eGPU is recognized and drivers are updated. In NVIDIA experience; it also states that i am using the GTX 970. The preferred graphics processor is set to: High Performance Nvidia processor. However, the laptop still uses the iGPU. I do not have the switch option in the BIOS. I've also tried disabling it in Device Manager but then the laptop runs Basic Display (1FPS in game). I have connected my eGPU to the TV but the TV remains black unlike my laptop screen. However when i enter the BIOS, i can see it on both my laptop screen and the TV. Past the BIOS, i can only see my laptop screen. Can anyone tell me what i can do to fix this? I would like to use the GTX 970. Thank you
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