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  1. so does this 8.01 bios have whitelist and secureboot?
  2. Hi svl7, You posted this a while back, this is the 8.x beta driver that has the Secure Boot option. Windows 8.1 requires this and I'm already using a WLAN card that requires the modded bios that you made. I'm currently using the 2.07 modified bios that you made, and on the same thread, they were saying that it is safe to update to the 8.x? I'm not sure if that is true. It would be great for the Y580 Windows 8.1 users could have this. Thanks! QIWY3090.zip
  3. @svl7: would you be able to make a whitelist mod with this? Thanks!
  4. is this SVL's modified bios, modified by you for the added voltage?
  5. quick questions, what version of the bios is this? and does this include the whitelist that svl7 has?
  6. help! how do i know if my laptop is using the 2.xx or the 8.xx? i have a y580 with gtx 660m btw.
  7. what does that chinese bios do? do they have a changelog?
  8. could the cable also be an issue? i read this: Y580 40 pin LVDS dual channel LCD Cable - Lenovo Community so say for example, i have a dual channel monitor and cable, then switched to a lower end one with single channel. would that have caused this? long story for what happened: sent my laptop back to lenovo for RMA, they replaced the screen (which they shouldn't have) from 1920x1080 to 1366x768. after it got back to me, it was already only producing 2 brightness levels. i opened the baby up (auto void warranty, since i don't want to send it back to those idiots), and checked that the cable is in tact properly. how do i know if the cable is dual channel or not? if so, how can i tell if the monitor is also dual channel?
  9. I'm basically at the same boat as this guy: Brightness function problem (y580) - Lenovo Community Replaced a screen, and I'm only getting 2 levels of brightness. Hopefully someone could help me out with this.
  10. 660m. would be awesome if it's like the ghz edition just like the dell.
  11. any news if we're getting OC/OV vBios?
  12. it is through MSI afterburner. you can also wait for someone to make a custom vbios for it.
  13. I am on RTM, the drivers exist and work fine, except that I can't adjust the brightness. I tried to download the latest driver from Intel's website, it seems that it's the same. Here's a thread that I posted in Intel's forums a long time ago: http://communities.intel.com/message/170260
  14. i just saw the menus, but left it on default. does it not work? =O
  15. There's a whole section for temperature and fan control on the new bios. Try peeking around more.
  16. Does anyone have this thing working?
  17. @Xonar i'll give it a try once i get home! thanks!
  18. @svl7: your unlocked bios works awesome! i'm hoping to change the wlan card since there's no whitelist now anyways. btw, any news/eta on the vbios OV/OC?
  19. @Xonar: thanks! i'll try it out soon! but before i try it out, what kind of modifications did you do? also, the advanced tab has always been visible, the chipset tab however isn't. @svl7: the G53JW comes with 460m.
  20. I know it's pretty old, but I hope my old laptop can get some more love. The bios is attached here. Hopefully someone can look at it and see what is possible. Thanks! G53JWAS211.zip
  21. ah rats, guess i'll have to wait until Intel fixes it for Windows 8 I'll update my bios once a GHz edition for the video card pops up. I'm greatly looking forward to that =D
  22. is there any kind of special flashers that we need to use this, or is the flasher bundled in the zip file? (sorry, haven't downloaded nor tried yet due to the fact that i'm waiting for further updates) and also another question, would you be able to disable the intel hd 4000 and just use the nvidia graphics after this custom bios? i'm having issues with windows 8 where i can't control the brightness since intel hd 4000 is the main controller, nvidia has working drivers so i think that'll fix my problem if it is possible.
  23. would be great to see an unlocked no whitelist bios along with a GHz edition vbios just like the dell, and a little bit overvolt~ keep up the good work svl7!
  24. I have not tried MSI Afterburner yet unfortunately...
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