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  1. oh ok thanks anyway. I just have to look for a brand new dell da2 psu. Sent from my Huawei P9 "TraPar"
  2. @Dschijn I tested again my Da-2 and it seems it shuts down after some use. Do you know where in europe i can find DA-2 in good state? where did you bought yours? thanks
  3. Here is the schema i made of my setup: Envoyé de mon EVA-L09 en utilisant Tapatalk Here is the cable exit and the barrel Envoyé de mon EVA-L09 en utilisant Tapatalk
  4. I've finally made the barrel connector out of the information i received on another thread. It works well. The thing is to keep it simple. So i simplified the design. The design i came with has only one power connector, suitable for both a Dell DA/2 with included shorted power on port and pci-e 6pin from an atx type PSU. the updated pcie 6 plug with barrel power connection The PCIe 8 connected to Pcie 6 low profile cable with the power on short for Dell DA-2 The power on short for Dell DA-2 i'll shorten it or link it to a 12v power button if i can. Envoyé de mon EVA-L09 en utilisant Tapatalk
  5. I'll try to do this quickly Envoyé de mon EVA-L09 en utilisant Tapatalk I'll try to do this quickly Envoyé de mon EVA-L09 en utilisant Tapatalk
  6. So, next i am going to try use only the seasonic PSU to power both Akitio board and GPU, I'll make some more holes to vent the case, and i'm going to change the small fan (the akitio case fan i already replaced by a 60*60*10 and put just behind the front panel) by a new, quieter one. During normal use, the zotac don't launch the fans During Load, the fans launch and the akitio case heat up. As the case look like aluminium I'm not especially worried, looks like a Mac heating up, but if i can lower the case temperature a little by opening more vent, i'll do that. The goal is to have a quiet case under 20Db for normal use, and not too hot under load.
  7. I've just seen the zotac 960 gtx vbios is not uefi compatible... if i understand well, some of the features may not work with it
  8. Is the script using temporary efi parameters (wich can be returned to default using pram reset?) If yes i'd be glad to test it. I'm not a developer but i'm a mac certified tech, so i should be able to get out of some mess Envoyé de mon EVA-L09 en utilisant Tapatalk
  9. Thanks, I’m waiting for the outcome of @P-Mac’s testing. If “Disable dGPU” option for the MBP11,3 turns out to work well, the new demo will be available for all on GitHub. It’s still unclear why PCI bus scan for detecting the eGPU works randomly with the Thunder2 after restarts. The v0.0.2 is coded to identify only newer 156C Thunderbolt controllers. Does that script work on a mac mini to have display during boot? Envoyé de mon EVA-L09 en utilisant Tapatalk
  10. The driver part is the most easy part, but for now, on the Mac Mini, it can only work if you connect display to the eGPU. http://www.egpukit.com There is a shell script to download and run For now you don't have display until the login window. (After the whole boot process). But i'm following a thread where someone has worked on an efi boot egpu enabler for mac. I'll test that end of week. So up until now, what did i used: 1) Akitio Thunder 2 PCI-E chassis 2) Zotac GFX 960 video card 3) power supply seasonic m12ii (after failing with a dell DA-2 220) 4) a low profile pcie 6 pins cable 5) a 1*pcie 6 pins female to 2* pcie 6 pins Y cable 6) a 8 pins pcie cable 7) a dc barrel + cable 8) a driller and a dremel 9) a 60*60*10mm 12v fan 10) some patience for reading all the threads, testing, and working on it Here are some of the pictures of the work in progress: Envoyé de mon EVA-L09 en utilisant Tapatalk
  11. Hi. I've been working on a setup for my mac mini, being thrilled to see that there was finally a way to use thunderbolt for eGPU. I open this subject now with a final picture, and i will be posting later all the process to get there and go further. The actual Setup. V1.0 Yes it is! So the goal for me was to inspire me from all the works here and do my own with one goal: i wanted to keep the Akitio box closed. I did it! Envoyé de mon EVA-L09 en utilisant Tapatalk
  12. Me too... but... well. lucky or not i think
  13. Yes, that is why mine may be disfunctional. But i don't want to order a used one to have the same issue, and i think that a brand new one may be more expensive than even a modular PSU. Except if you know where to find cheap and good quality or brand new Dell DA-2 in europe Envoyé de mon EVA-L09 en utilisant Tapatalk
  14. Ordered! My German is limited, but striving for the goal of perfect egpu helped me understood. Thanks @Dschijn Envoyé de mon EVA-L09 en utilisant Tapatalk
  15. I've read about ground loop issues, but really, up until now this is the most stable setup i had I even managed to put limit the need of cutting too much the external chassis Maybe the shortage issue came from the barrel, so maybe it'd be better to soldier directly the power intput for the case to the power board of the akitio Anyway, that much i know: The DA2 PSU I have may be tired The standard PSU i have may not be good enough to power all by itself with peaks. SO: 1) i'm gonna look for a descent modular PSU to be able to use less cable. then i'll find a way to ikeahack it under my desk 2) if the setup holds like this i'll try to solder dc input under the barre plug board 3) either if that works or not, i'll have to create vent in the outer case for the air flux, and cut the rear panel to let my power cord go out from the case. Envoyé de mon EVA-L09 en utilisant Tapatalk
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