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  1. Hi pal, I just need an unlocked advanced menu in BIOS ,VBIOS & WIFI whitelist unlock. Here goes the link, https://www.sendspace.com/file/zwdtqf Thanks Love from India <3
  2. Hi @Ultrax5 i also in need of modded BIOS & even modded VBIOS...... I know one of the person in this thread helped us tutorial on modded VBIOS & its very easy too... I would like the same like tutorial for the modded bios too... Since i need to disable core C states & Package C states of the processor(Cuz my processor is fine even with -95mv voltage offset on both the core & cache,But BSOD's on light load or on idle because the C states can push even further lower voltage & as a result i get BSOD,That y) through BIOS & also to increase DVMT memory to 256mb.... Can you help me bro... I know the most around the laptop & the ONLY thing that challenges me is the BIOS modding.... Can you help me bro I myself have lenovo y50 860M 4GB Thanks Kamal
  3. Hi guys... Iam too in need of the modded bios..... Pls help me out...I have a lenovo y50 860m 4gb(Bios v3.00) Thanks Kamal
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