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  1. Sweet! Its stupid that such a basic option is hidden. They could just leave it disabled, not many people even know about it, or what it does.
  2. There are no active cables available in the market right now. And no, if the length is 50cm or less the speeds are 40gbps over a passive cable. Anything over and they drop dramatically. That's is why longer cables are only rated for 20gbps.
  3. Those are probably rosewill.
  4. Doing another test over TB3 will take a few days unfortunately. I have my OS NVME SSD connected to the system over TB3 right now and renders are running. But the clocks were exactly the same in both tests with completely bone stock drivers. The machine has the battery installed (always) and is using the High Performance Profile (Always). ( i never run the system without or on the battery , its always connected to AC and is on the High Performance profile with C-States disabled on the processor). I did try higher clocks when the GPU was connected over TB3 (2088 Mhz), but CUDAZ output was exactly the same. Also im using the stock 50cm 40Gbps TB3 cable. Not really going to invest in another cable anytime soon, since i dont really need it. To be honest, i haven't even found one for sale online.
  5. I actually did last night, it was the same as posted in the OP, +/- 75-100. Even this hit around 2200 MiB/s. Ill post a screen once i connect it over M.2 in about 20 mins.
  6. Here is the CUDA-Z with GTX 1080 hooked up over TB3 (DSL6540 - Dual Port) to a P870DM-G (DSL6340 - Single Port) Output :
  7. Enable Hot Plugging under PCIe settings in the BIOS.
  8. Gotcha. Ill do some more testing tonight and see if it shows up on my end.
  9. Over TB3, each and every driver works no matter what. Over M.2 the latest drivers work only with HotPlug enabled.
  10. @Tech Inferno Fan @GTANAdam So here are my findings in relation to AER and Hot Plug using the latest drivers 375.70 : AER - Enabled + Hot Plug Enabled - NO CODE 43 / ERRORS AER Disabled + Hot Plug Enabled - NO CODE 43 / ERRORS AER Disabled + Hot Plug Disabled - CODE 43 AER Enabled + Hot Plug Disabled - CODE 43 So AER doesn't seem to the culprit here, its Hot Plugging. This would lead me to believe they are trying to optimize hot plugging of eGPU's. Since it seems to work 8 out of 10 times when i plug in my GPU over TB3. So if you guys have the Hot Plug option in your option in your BIOS for PCIe ports, maybe that will help. Or if @Tech Inferno Fan can implement it in his setup. Props to @GTANAdam for noticing the Hot Plug being enabled.
  11. Hmm..no issues on my end. Used a 1080 + TB3 HDK (Akitio TB3 PCIe Box) + the Intel 8260. I used this setup for about 5 days, before switching over to M.2.
  12. Yeap, and it just became way more severe with the release of Pascal. As usual, Nvidia doesn't care. They released the so called hotfix that worked for maybe 10% of the users, and they marked it as fixed. They arent even mentioning it in their patch notes anymore.
  13. Yeap, after the driver installs, toggling AER doesn't do anything. At least until the next update. That actually makes sense, ill give it a shot with hot plugging disabled. I have never had ASPM enabled btw.
  14. Apologies for the late reply, but here is how i have the cables routed : http://imgur.com/a/Z0mx6
  15. Yeah the latest driver is working as well, after i disabled the Advanced Error Reporting. Were you able to unlock that option as well ? Instead of ASPM try and check if there is something called "Advanced Error Reporting" or similar under the PCIe settings for the port your eGPU is connected to. Because is the only think that worked for me. ASPM didn't do anything. The black screen could either be : - Unstable link. - Insufficient power. - In sufficient Bandwidth, when other ports are being used. Here is a thread i created on their drivers forum : https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/970339/geforce-drivers/372-90-373-06-drivers-preventing-use-of-gpus-compute-cards-over-m-2-ngff-mpcie-/
  16. Ah. Thank you for the update. Yeah I got mine from Mfactors as well. I might sell mine in December though, as soon as my desktop is assembled.
  17. PE4C V4.1 @ $175. DAMN. Any idea why the price hike ?
  18. Not really, its the standard length, i just routed it in a way that it neatly goes behind the laptop and under. Ill post a few pictures tomorrow morning.
  19. Good stuff! btw, try not to stress the M.2 end of the cable too much. This is what my setup ended up like :
  20. Haha haha I'm Indian, and this shit is fucking hilarious. XD
  21. @Georgel THIS ^^ As i mentioned on the other forum as well, do not disable C-States unless you absolutely need to. Not every one is comfortable with the increased thermals. They help save a lot of power and heat generated when the system doesn't need that full boost clock.
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