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  1. When I had my Black widow and FK1 connected, there would be these spikes . That would only happen once or twice per reboot. The main fps drops were when either an USB device or Ethernet cable were connected to the Core. But it's definitely usable. Just don't connect anything that needs to do a lot of data transfer , like Ethernet / USB.
  2. Definitely agree. Are you referring to peripherals taking away from TB3 bandwidth or PCIe x4? At least on my system in either case , I didn't have any issues with peripherals. But using the Core over TB3 was a different story. The TB3 HDK did not have any peripheral ports.
  3. Is the board similar to the TB3 HDK? If so then it will definitely work a lot of other laptops .
  4. IMO at anything over $800, the 1070 is also not worth it. The price is just too freaking insane. I mean the 980N was going for $1200. And i got a quote of $1250 for the 1080N from a certain place. Thank you good sir!!
  5. Unfortunately it's not public, and system specific. Also as I mentioned before, it doesn't matter. People have been used The Akitio Thunder 3 as an eGPU enclosure over TB3 , even though the status says No. Even with my system I tested it out with both stores k firmware, which had the eGPU support as No, and with the custom which said Yes. Both cases it worked exactly the same . That status won't matter till the time the notebook.manufactures goes the extra length to block eGPU support.
  6. That "No" doesn't mean much. I have tested this on my P870DM-G, with and without a custom TB3 firmware.
  7. The performance difference is actually rather significant. For example a GTX 1080 - 3DMARK FS GPU score over TB3 - 185XX 3DMARK FS GPU score over x4.3 - 23XXX
  8. Then you are more than welcome to buy and test it out. Most people who buy the core, dont quite even care about how much performance they are getting / loosing. All they seem to care about is if their fps is better than what they can with the iGPU. You might want to go through some of the other thread, you will find your answers there. Oh and might want to read up on how the Alpine Ridge Controller works, and how it has to convert the signal which then transfers over to the PCH. Tested connecting a USB Drive, Keyboard, Mouse, Ethernet cable (internet). The drop was specially noticeable when the there was data throughput on the Ethernet port. Sometimes during CSGO there would be these weird FPS drops or ping spikes. But they didnt happen quite often. When the Ethernet cable was connected directly to the system and not to the core, everything worked just fine. I would look into a powered USB hub instead of wasting 100's of extra $'s on a core. Amen to that.
  9. I have tested it. And the performance tanks instantly when you use the ports if a game is running. Or if the port goes active while a game is running. It picks back up in a bit though depending on the load. Extra ports over TB3 along with a GPU are a waste of money and resources.
  10. There are a lot of issues with the latest drivers. http://www.guru3d.com/news-story/nvidia-geforce-375-86-whql-drivers-have-major-issues.html Im sure they haven't fixed the Hot Plug problem yet.
  11. Never Run FURMARK on any GPU. It is is very bad for the GPU and manufacturers have throttles / detections for when FURMARK is used.
  12. No it is not limited to TB1 and TB2. Also with TB3, for a few people and with M.2/PCIe based solutions.
  13. Unfortunately only solution for now seems to be to enable PCIe Hot Plugging.
  14. That is seriously disappointing , specially getting the wrong Thermal Pads. The online buying experience these days has become entirely hit or miss. I'm about to make a big purchase from Performance PCS , hope it goes smoothly.
  15. From the pictures, it looks like he is using the PWM signal from the GPU and power from the fan connector. So the Noctua fans run on the same PWM signal. If they maintain the same RPM or not will depend if the RPM of the Noctua's is the same as that of the GPU fan.
  16. That is weird, all drivers work for me in Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, if i hook up the GPU over TB3. Nvidia has done a bang up job of messing things ups.
  17. Lol so basically all the companies want to do, is screw the past customers over, and make money off of the new ones and the ones who are willing to keep on supporting them even after being burned for no reason. Before this I was willing to give Clevo the benefit of the doubt. But seems like they just fucked us over for no good reason. Other than Business.
  18. Probably. Could even be the Anniversary Update. It broke so many things, this might be one of them.
  19. Well then the only option is to use 372.70 or older drivers. Unless you know how to unlock options in your system BIOS.
  20. So i was able to find only one of the entries, and removing/disabling that did not help. It was the EnableRunTimePowerManagement key that showed up in the registry search. I even tried adding both the strings and setting up disabled values, that did not help either. So there is definitely something more going on here. For the time being enabling PCIe Hot Plug for the respective port in the BIOS solves the issue. But not sure what a long term solution would be. Specially since not every one has access to that option, as it hidden in most of the BIOS's.
  21. It's doesnt say it's active. Even the cable itself seems passive. For an active cable the connectors will be bigger than normal, since they will need circuitry in there. And at that lengthy, there is no way it will reach max speeds. Unless it's optical.
  22. That is slightly different issue, nando's suggestion is to remove the HotPlug strings from the driver it self or remove/disable them in the registry. So that it isn't even used.
  23. Im looking into the registry method @Tech Inferno Fan mentioned earlier in this thread. should be able to test that out tomorrow. If that works, there wont be any need to mess with the BIOS.
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