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  1. Yep, I'm a bit nervous, too, when opening it. While it is built up relatively logically, there are many little things that could theoretically be damaged. Don't worry, I think the K5100M should give equal performance as the GTX880M, at least when overclocked a bit. Even my K4100M made 4500 Points in the Passmark 3D Rating ... which is more than the average GTX970M achieves. (there are systems with GTX970M exceeding 7000 points, however).
  2. I'm curious As I've said, I also have a large Docking station (PR02X) and a small Port-extender that can be left attached to the notebook permanently (N054C), and I had the same Issues with both of them, regardless whether Win7 or Win10 (I think it never ran for more than 10 Minutes before crashing). However! When running on battery power, it never crashed, even when attached to a docking station. Extremely weird. I was quite satisfied with the performance of the K4100M. Of course it's not as fast as a GTX880M, but with a modded vbios you can push the clocks quite drastically (I think it ran at 950MHz core clock or so), improving performance substantially. It could run Crysis 3 in 1920x1080, all Very High settings, and low AA at smooth framerates then :-) good enough for me.
  3. Hey there, Yep, that's what I've "heard", too ;-) ... maybe it is compatible in some hardware configurations, but not in others .. (only god may know how this extremely weird incompatibility with the docking stations emerged) Hmm I don't think I had a bad copy of the K4100M, as it worked perfectly fine when not being in a docking station. I'm looking forward to your reports with the K5100M! ... Do you have a dockingstation at hand? Would be interesting to find out if it gives you the same strange results as my K4100M.
  4. Hey, to be honest - I don't know! Drivers from the Nvidia website installed without any problems under Win7 Pro N x64 in my case. However, Drivers from the Dell website claimed that no compatible hardware was found. I think Optimus switching was working when I had the K41000M installed, but I'm not sure anymore. It turned out, that I only got all these Issues, when my m6700 was attached to a docking station (I even tried both I have - the large "advanced" one, and the tiny legacy port expander). It worked perfectly fine when the notebook was standalone ... Even overclocking by 250MHz and hours of full load gaming/benchmarking produced no crashed. As the docking capability is quite essential to me, I was not willing to accept this issues. I tried a few more things, like a clean Win10 Edu x64 installation ... but the error was persistent. So I ended up removing the K4100M from my notebook. The seller offered me to trade it for a K4000M which should be compatible with the m6700, which I did. I have not installed the K4000M yet, though, because I am waiting for the Dell service to fix a CPU heatsink screw I assume they damaged during the i5-->i7 upgrade my m6700 got last year (but that's a different story...). I've read through your thread, but unfortunately, it seems I am not much of a help in your case :-( Have you tried turning Optimus off in the bios and booting windows? Is the 880M recognized under Windows then? Who needs optimus anyway ... I'm getting ~4 hours of battery life with the current K3000M, should be enough I think . Cya, Flo
  5. Hi together :-) As the title says I'm having a little Issue after upgrading my m6700's graphics card from the K3000M to the newer K4100M: Everything seems to work properly, but under load (i.e. 3D applications) it produces crashes / system instability after ~5-20 seconds. When I reduce the chip- and memory-clocks in MSI Afterburner as far as possible, it takes a bit longer until it crashes, but eventually it always does after a minute or so. When running on battery power (and thus even further reduced clocks) everything runs stable for arbitrarily long times. This sounds like a thermal problem to me. However, the reported GPU temperature never exceeded 65°C, which I think is OK. I guess the memory chips are not temperature monitored seperately, are they? So maybe I should replace the memory thermal pads by new ones? What I've already tried/checked/looked at: - Uninstalled previous drivers with "Display Driver Uninstaller" - Latest Nvidia Drivers can be installed properly (and also tried a few older versions) - Notebook BIOS is up to date - Tried three different Video-BIOS versions - Graphics card is not recognized by Notebook BIOS properly ("Unknown video card") - Graphics card is recognized under Windows, though (Device-manager / Nvidia control-panel / GPU-Z and so on) - Sometimes after a crash the system recovers and a pop-up says that the nvidia graphics driver crashed and was restarted - Of course, I'm using the large 240 Watt Power supply Ok, that's about everything I remember to be relevant at the moment. I'd appreciate any kind of help :-) ... If you need further Information, just let me know, and I'll try to deliver it. Thank you, Florian
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