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  1. I have Dell Precision M6600 with PE4C 2.1 And Nvidia GTX 970. By default my laptop boots with gen1 express card speed. For example mafia 3 with gen 1 scores about 22 FPS. I used Egpu Setup 1.3x and changed it to gen2. Mafia 3 with gen2 speed scores 45 FPS with my setup. A huge difference. Don't know how author of that theme gets same results with gen1 and gen2 pci express versions.
  2. great results. Dell e5430 is a cheap laptop and it can provide very good results with EGPU. Wonder if E5430 can handle i7 quad core?
  3. So you have 3 GPU active? intel, quadro and GeForce?
  4. Yeah, your processor is the weakest point in the system. The best performance for egpu provides i7 Quad Core. You should think about CPU upgrade. You posted benchmark results - you tested on external screen (attached to egpu) or on internal screen of your laptop?
  5. I can't download v-bios pack from attachments. Need 5 posts on this forum. I need a Dell Quadro K4000M Unlocked vbios. I attached my current vbios of K4000M. Can someone unlock it plz? GK104.rom
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