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  1. So you've found some time to look in to this? well the throttling will automatically solve itself once the voltage is lowered. For the time being I found an alternative solution. Well maybe not a solution... I found a way to enable constant P0(full power) state of the card so that it's clock's wouldnt jump up and down according to load. After I enabled constant P0 state I used Nvidia inspector to downclock the performance state of the card. I noticed that when the card goes into default P0 state it clock's are jumping according to its load. Also the voltage jumps accordingly to the jumping clock's. Here's what I noticed: ------------------------------- Core - 475 MHz Mem - 900 MHz Voltage - 0.932 v. ------------------------------- Core - from 475MHz to 660MHz Mem - 900 MHz Voltage - 0.962 v. ------------------------------- Core -from 662MHz to 790MHz Mem - 900 MHz Voltage - 1.062 v. ------------------------------- So when I manually enable constant P0 state I set the card to core 475MHz giving it a constant 0.932v. In this situation I also use Nvidia Inspectors Driver settings windows to set the fps limit to 30fps. Thus I never go above 65-69C(depends on the game). The problem in this is that some games require more power than 475 MHz. Lowering the default card voltage through BIOS would deffinetly do the trick.
  2. No offence but I glad Im not the only one with this problem. How did you extract the vga BIOS from the .exe file from acer? I tryed some extract program but it didnt give me any .rom files. also I tryed searching for a .reg mod for the fan speed and didnt find anything.MSI Afterburner doesent let you change the VGA voltage. is the maybe any tutoryal on modding BIOS?
  3. so thats how it is....not good is there maybe any other way to change the fan speed maybe? or can you suddest anything that can help me?
  4. Hi I recently aquired a Acer V3-571G laptop with a Nvidia GT 630 2Gb graphics card. Im experiencing some issues with the laptops Nvidia VGA: 1-When it hits 75C it throttles. 2-The fan speed reacts only to the cpu temperature. The VGA reaches 75C a lot faster then the CPU reaches the temperature at witch the fans start to work at 100%. 3-The voltage for this Nvidia VGA is very high although it is not a high end card. By default the voltage is 1.062v. (My desktop VGA GTX 470 uses 0.95v and is much more powerfull) So I would like to make a request for a BIOS VGA mod if its possible. Basically I want to make one of the following changes to the BIOS: 1-Increase the temperature limit at witch the Nvidia VGA starts to throttle. 2-Adjust the fan speed so that it would start to work 100% at an earlier time. (When the CPU hits 60C and not when it hits 70-72C) 3-Lower the operative voltage of the Nvidia VGA from 1.062 v. to 0.9v-0.95v. Or all of the above if it can be done. Original BIOS : BIOS_Acer_1.11_A_A.zipBIOS_Acer_1.11_A_A.zip I would really appreciate some help on this problem. Thank you!
  5. ok. also wanted to ask something offtopic: can you maybe mod a bios so that it enables the Advanced tab ? In my situation the Advanced tab is missing(not grayed out).
  6. what do you think should I try this modded bios on my Acer Aspire V3-571G if my card is Nvidia GT 630M 2 Gb?
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