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  1. Unplug and power off everything. Press power button and hold alt to get the boot options. Turn on your gpu psu. Press enter on Windows partition then plug in thunderbolt cable ~a second after pressing enter. 100% boot rate now.
  2. I finally got it to work every time. Unplug the thunerbolt cable and turn off everything. Press the power button and hold alt to get the boot options. Plug the thunderbolt in and turn on your gpu psu. Boot into Windows. Dieovb, I have a question about your process. I'm happy running games on an external monitor but benchmarks on the external monitor are using both graphics cards (1070 and 750m) and that is hindering the performance. Does the method you described solve this? Thanks, Austin
  3. Thank you for your help. I thought Nvidia's Optimus automatically did this. Is it because there are two graphics cards inside your macbook (mine has two as well)? Could you please provide links to what you downloaded and a short description of what to do. I'm very new to all of this and your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Austin
  4. Thank you. Rocket League at 1800p 60hz probably has more bandwith than with the GTA test so I don't know if it's a bandwidth issue. Any tips on setting it up or did it go smoothly? Thanks, austin
  5. @goalque First, thank you so much for supporting the community like this. My setup is arriving this wednesday and I want to make sure that this script will work for my particular setup: GTX 1070 with a powered pcie riser to Akito thunder 2 running off a 430 watt psu. Computer: MBP late 2014 OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.4 (15E65). My main question is will the new pascal architecture of the GTX 1070 work with the nvidia drivers (downloaded by the script) and will it work on this version of OSX. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Austin
  6. My 1070 egpu is arriving this wednesday. Have you been using it under heavy load (does it work well)? What FPS are you pushing with various games? Thanks
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