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  1. Hello,

    A couple of weeks ago the 675M in my GT60 0ND died.

    After reading forums it appears to be possible to install a 970M with some minor modification to the heatsink.

    That would mean that it van have a faster video card that consumes less power and become less hot.

    I used this post as a guideline: The Official MSI GT60/70 970m/980m Upgrade Thread | NotebookReview

    I ordered a 970M with 6GB mem.

    When it arrived I modified the heatsink and made sure that it fits.

    The default nvidia drivers could not detect the videocard but I adjusted the inf file, turned off the driver signature verification.

    All seemed well. Only after restarting the windows logo showed and then the screen turned black. Also the output on the HDMI was also black.

    The laptop is one that came with win7 installed. In the meantime I have windows 10 running on it.

    I tried upgrading the to the latest win7 bios (E16F3IMS.10U) it had no result.

    I then booted in safemode and used DDU to remove the nvidia drivers.

    I flashed the vbios to N16E_GT_6GB_84. (found this for another MSI laptop on their site. I did made a backup of the vbios before flash)

    Rebooted the laptop.

    This time I could use the nvidia driver installer without the inf modification.

    After reboot the same problem occurred. After the windows logo shows the screen turned black.

    After searching on internet it seems that the msi bios for win8 does not have the problem.

    Also it became clear that updating the bios of a win7 to win8 is not the way to go.

    I am stuck and don't know how to proceed. Can someone help me out on this?

    You should be able to update your BIOS to the windows 8 version, as long as you want to use windows 8 in UEFI that is, the motherboard is the same.

  2. it doesn't seems to have power connector..:angry:






    I'd say no, atleast not a 200W card with the new MXM 3.0 form factor as it simply wouldn't fit.

  3. Hi! Im looking for help, i recently formated my pc (Alienware m17xR3) and entered on dell download website,

    I noticed an BIOS for my GPU that was released a few years ago and never saw it.

    The donwload is here:

    nVidia GeForce GTX 460M, v.70.06.3B.00.08, A02 Driver Details | Dell US

    But it is an ISO file format, and my CD reader is broken, (I dont even used it more than 2 times), so I was trying to nvflash up my rig.

    The problem is, the file is in .iso, and I need an .ROM file.

    The BIOS update version is v.70.06.3B.00.08, A0

    Also, I've heard that this new bios reduces BSOD and excessive throttling ...

    That would be a hand on the wheel if I get those rom... Anyway, does anyone know how to convert that kind of ISO to ROM

    Im new on this forum and I've been recommended to come in here for solution.

    :friendly_wink: Thanks!

    Here you go http://www.megafileupload.com/59ry/70.06.3B.00.08.rar

  4. hey everyone, i have the i7-4980hq with gtx 980m...is it possible to OC the CPU and GPU. I am running prepar3d 2.5, and would like to OC this laptop to atleast 4.5 ghz..it turbos to 4.0...do i have any options?

    I think the CPU has additional turbo bins but as the TDP is only 47W it will be quite useless to overclock it, I'm not even sure it would even hold the 4 Ghz turbo for more than a very short period.

  5. I'm new to messing with this kind of thing. So with that out of the way, I am trying to replace my GT70's gtx670m with a gtx770m. My problem start here I have installed new GPU but my comp won't recognize it as gtx770m so it is preventing me from installing the correct driver.

    Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

    You need a modded .inf to be able to install the drivers.

    Nvidia .inf modding guide posted by J95 http://forum.techinferno.com/nvidia/5249-%5Bguide%5D-modding-nvidia-oem-inf-files.html

  6. So I've had this G75VW for a while and for the most part it's always plugged in with the battery attached.

    Of course this is pretty much necessary because during gaming if you run purely on battery you either give up all performance, or it dies so quick you can barely start to enjoy yourself. However on the offside, I've noticed that my battery doesn't last any more than maybe 40-50 minutes approx. in balanced mode.

    So as I'm looking for a new gaming/workstation computer. I wondering is it better to use it while it's plugged with the battery disconnected, and saved he battery from when I'm actually traveling so that I can squeeze some more life out of it, or if it still won't make that big of a difference. Obviously there are some risk that come along with that, but I'm just wondering if anyone has ever tried it, or has an opinion on it.

    Afaik it doesn't make any difference if the battery is connected or not while the power supply is connected.

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  7. Hello members

    i owns a msi gt60 0nc and using Xonar unlocked bios but i didnt see any chipset or system agent configuration option

    can anyone help me on this one?

    i just want to change my graphic mode from SG to IGFX.

    All the settings from the chipset menu should be available at the bottom of the main menu, the menu isn't named anything and it's usually just a [. If not PM me and I can supply you with my modded BIOS with chipset menu unlocked.

  8. Hey man, I bricked my*asus*g751jt by doing too low of undervolt and now it turns on, sits for few minutes and then turns off. Screen is black and the*keyboard*lights up but nothing else. You can hear the hard drive going but the system shuts of after 10 or so seconds. I took it apart, pulled the CMOS plus out and waited for 10 minute, disconnected the battery connector and did power dragon but nothing. Last thing is RMA but is there anything else I could do?

    Have you tried taking out a RAM stick and then boot?

  9. Hi plz help me i flashed the bios with ur unlocked one and changed some settings after that i hit f10 to save and exit and now my laptop goes on but no display!! i tried to remove the cmos battery didnt work as for blind flash im struggeling doing!!PLz help me

    What settings did you change?

    Have you tried taking out 1 RAM stick and then boot?

  10. Dual BIOS chips to switch between for an easy fix if you brick it, nice for trying out BIOS mods too :D. Why not 1 extra EC chip too as it's a bit of work to fix a bricked EC..

    No BGA CPU's, MXM standard GPU's even in the smaller models (might not be doable in very slim notebooks though).

    Would be nice if they could manage to squeeze in an extra heat pipe on the heatsinks.

  11. Hi all, im all new to this stuff so need help of a experienced users. I want to overclock my i74810mq to 4.1ghz i have a gt70 2pc dominator laptop, i have a xtu soft installed but after seeing all these noobs and numbers to be adjusted i got all confused with it, is there any one that has overclocked this CPU?? What should i change in order to achive 4.1ghz??

    It has additional turbo bins which allows you to overclock it to 4.2Ghz, you'll need to increase Turbo boost power time window, turbo boost short power max, turbo power max etc.

    Although it's TDP is only 47W so I'm not sure it will run at 4.2.

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