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  1. 4 minutes ago, BasedKnight said:


    Not sure because every command I ran through nvflash would return a 'No Nvidia display adapters error' when checking the log file generated using a different computer. Every version. Even when just trying to backup the current VBIOS. Pretty much attempted everything I could considering having to work completely blind, and unfortunately don't have access to a programmer. I've since settled on the card just being defective and have sent it back (ordered from eBay shop in China). Will probably try my luck again this time from a different source.

    Yeah stuff like that from China do tend to be defective sometimes, my guess is that they don't always test the parts before selling it in order to cut costs. Hope it gets sorted out for you.

  2. On 12/3/2019 at 9:18 AM, BasedKnight said:

    I suppose that is possible. The original card died due to MOSFET failure. One failed, so I removed it and the card ran on the remaining 2 for awhile (just had to reduce the clocks to avoid black screens when running demanding games), then the remaining ones eventually burned out. I was sure it was something up with the vBIOS since I purchased the replacement from China, but I guess there is no way to know for sure if it's board related until I'm able to test another 980M.

    Are you able to see the VBIOS version in the nvflash log? You might need to flash another VBIOS in order to get the card working in your system. If so you'll probably need to either use a SPI clip and a programmer to do a in circuit programming or desolder the VBIOS SPI flash chip and program it.

  3. On 6/18/2019 at 5:21 AM, holiday said:

    Got a great deal on a Sager/Clevo P870DM-G. Currently I have the P170em with extreme processor and 32gb of ram. Wasn't really looking to upgrade but the deal was just too good. My P170em has the latest prema mod bios which was a great upgrade. How do you rate the Sager standard bios to the baked upgraded bios?

    Well the Sager BIOS is completely standard except for the Sager logo ^^ my BIOS has a lot of new options added and I'm working on my new versions with updated UEFI drivers and modules, updated microcode, ability to change some BIOS settings from within windows, BIOS screenshot support etc and I'm working on kabylake and coffee coffeelake support too ;)

  4. When I modified VBIOSES years ago I did it using a hexeditor so I'm not familiar with that program but I only unlocked core, memory and voltage adjust and increased TDP without any overclocking and then after flashing my modified VBIOS I used overclocking software with profiles so I could change the OC according to my needs.

    When I did this on optimus enabled systems there was only the GPUs SPI chip that I needed to flash, on some systems the system BIOS also contains a NVIDIA VBIOS but I've never had to replace it. There should also be a Intel VBIOS but you don't have to do anything with that.


    I know some ASUS laptops with MXM GPUs didn't have the VBIOS on the MXM card so you'd have to first extract it from the system BIOS, modify it, replace it, rebuild the BIOS and then flash the system BIOS.


    If you're unsure you should have a SPI programmer a backup of you VBIOS using GPU-Z or something and a sop8 150-mil adapter and some soldering skills, or use a sop8 test clip with the programmer (these can be a pain in the ass to get working and you often have to supply current to the board for it to recognize the chip) 

  5. 5 hours ago, Geoyoc said:



    I have a Dell Inspiron 5555 with BIOS A12 and I am missing some options in the advance menu. The BIOS seems to be shared between the 5455 and the 5755, if it helps. Can anyone help me figure a way to have all the options in the BIOS available?

    I have attached the results archive from the backup tool, if it helps


    Thanks in advance!

    This is all I had the time to do now.


  6. Hey y'all! I'm planning on releasing BIOS mods for the newer MSI laptops.

    So I'm looking for some testers to evaluate my mods and give input.

    If you're interested just PM me and we'll take it from there :)

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  7. 8 minutes ago, coffee048 said:

    Just a question, Are you capable of doing coffeelake mods on Z170 clevo boards? That's one thing that would be neat to see.

    Well I know that there's already mods out there, it's by crossflashing a modified TM BIOS on a DM model, these need to be flashed via an SPI programmer though. 

    Hit me with a PM with your model and I'll take a look at what I can do. I'm planning on releasing mods with Coffee lake support but I need a coffee lake CPU to test them first :)

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  8. baked3.jpg.f0deb735c6c8534dda31c97158aac539.jpg.d94c6c9f8c9f0363fe0b6e4a2614a5a4.jpg


    There are several threads on requesting BIOS modifications here on T | I but I thought another one wouldn't hurt.


          Your request should look like:

    • Brand
    • Model
    • Type of modification(For example: Unlocked, added support, Logo, microcode, ME firmware etc


    I'll respond as soon as I have time as I'm also currently working on other projects(Requests by PM is also ok)

    If anyone else have the knowledge and time feel free to respond to requests :)


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  9. On 4/11/2019 at 12:38 PM, runix18 said:

    Correct me if i`m wrong, but the tm1 like all the p870 models suffers from the same hardware mux not being present, resulting in a black screen once u enable the IGPU.

    The IGPU being disconected at a hardware level.

     You are correct! The signal only goes from the dGPU to the screen.

    In other words DON'T enable it! That's why I hide the IGPU options in my mods..



  10. Just now, ElChuterRD said:

    when I use the dGPU.
    I can use the iGPU connected to the A / C while the dGPU does not, I get BSOD that says video_tdr_failure nvlddmkm.sys

    Aight! Try this: Uninstall intel graphics driver in control panel - restart - get the latest from intel and install - restart - get the latest geforce drivers and check the box "Do a clean install"

    I hope this will help you.



  11. 6 hours ago, timbabs1 said:

    Right okay that kinda puts me in a rough spot


    Am guessing the main question is that Do you reckon the problem is fixable? or is it something that is just looking like a dead-end considering the main-board of the machine, as I have tried everything I know(upping processor core ICCmax and what not)


    My timeline for the ability to return the laptop is kinda running out(think I got a 2 weeks or less need to confirm) that's why I wanna know lol. I don't mind waiting if you think its fixable . Thanks.


    Also according to John@obsidian on notebookreview, the EDP throttling is a stock feature and cannot be removed(though not sure if this is true because I have seen it get removed in another laptop model by a custom EC:


    Hey, I haven't even looked at that problem yet so I don't know if it's fixable. 

  12. 20 hours ago, timbabs1 said:

    Any idea when you will?


    Am considering returning the Clevo and just getting something else with similar specs. Its a good laptop but that CPU throttling is a real downer to me especially when its an unlocked CPU not HQ.


    But if I am to process the return I need to do so ASAP, Would you mind telling me what time frame you reckon you will work on the bios and see if it can be fixed if not just let me know and I will just process the return. Thanks for your help and quick reply.

    It will be a while, I'm currently finishing up the P7,P8 and will start with P6,P4 after that which will probably be some weeks from now.

  13. On 2017-08-04 at 2:43 AM, jamesrh305n said:

    hi baked, can you help me with my blackscreen problem on my p870dmg laptop. Thanks in advance for any reply.

    As I've stated earlier I don't support any vBIOS related stuff at the moment sorry. 

    On 2017-08-03 at 1:07 PM, timbabs1 said:

    @BAKED How is the P650RS-G EDP Other(Current limit throttling according to Intel XTU) stoppage bios mod/unlock coming along?


    Any progress?

    I haven't started with the new versions for P6 series yet sorry.

  14. On 2017-08-01 at 1:50 PM, runix18 said:

    Baked, when do you think we will have a 2.0 version for the p870dm bios? I realy need those cpu overclock menus. PLS

    Soon ;)

    On 2017-08-04 at 10:56 PM, LeadLaptop said:

    Hi BAKED!


    I've had a stock Clevo P775DM1-G with a 6700k and a GTX 980M from PCSpecialist for about a year. I decided to experiment with some overclocking but to my dismay I'm getting power throttled. PCSpecialist could not provide any unlocked BIOS when asked so my hope stands to you. :)


    Do you have an unlocked P775DM1-G BIOS available? I believe it's different from the P775DM3-G, but not entirely sure what the difference is.


    Best regards


    It's almost done and will be released soon :)

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  15. On 2017-07-28 at 8:14 AM, jackynikola said:

    Hey, guys, I have a question.

    I have Sager laptop. Mother board P65_P67RGRERA (U3E1). Graphics card GTX970m.

    I want to instal Hackintosh but since i7 6700 processor has integrated graphics it is impossible to use Geforce. Can this Bios disable Integrated Intel card so I can use Gforce in side Hackintosh?

    AFAIK you can't disable the IGPU on Clevo systems with optimus, because the signal from the dGPU is routed through the IGPU so disabling IGPU will result in a black screen as no signal from the dGPU to display will be possible. So don't try it.

  16. On 2017-07-24 at 10:20 PM, RiceNinja said:

    I went through this entire thread but found no mention of the P770DM(-G) model. Is there an unlocked bios for this? Also can the vbios version ever cause incompatibilities. Just asking since I have a P770DM-G but it uses a 980m made for the ZM model. Don't fully know what the difference is but it was enough to cause grief trying to get Prema's vbios for it. 


    Also do you include a flashing software that has safeguards to help prevent wrong bios flashing? I know prema uses a his own nvflash for vbios but IDK if the same can be done for a system bios.

    Here you go! It's the same BIOS for both.

     I don't support any VBIOS related stuff at the moment so I don't know if there will be any incompabiities or not because I haven't worked with VBIOS for a couple of years.

    I have never had any incompability problems myself between the ZM and DM with Nvidia cards, only AMD. But if you chose to try it do so at your own risk.

    I can make a sript that prevents flashing the wrong BIOS but I don't feel like it's really necessary at the moment :)


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  17. 8 hours ago, timbabs1 said:

    Yh I just got it back and have tested it, unfortunately the issue isn't fixed and I have contacted the engineer but haven't gotten a reply yet.


    I will be looking for other options atm and yh hopefully a bios comes out that fixes it 


    BTW @BAKED would be nice enough to please have a look at the bios settings or unlocked settings and see if anything can be done. Thanks.

    I will make new versions soon :)

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  18. 21 hours ago, [FR]Batailleuse said:


    Hey thanks,


    here is a little thing maybe people here might be able to help


    so i have a HASEE brand bought in china based on model CLEVO P650RS depsite what aida64 said with the confusing P6567RSRP label cause it actually was on the sticker behind.


    Knowing this I checked the BIOS and EC and i was on .05 and .03 respectively i went to the repo where you cqn find BIOS dowloaded from P6xxRx so so far i think im good.


    from here i made a USB key using RUFUS to make it bootable qnd put all the files on it like they  ask, I actually realized (after the stuff that happens a bit later) that i didnt download the Upgrade (.07 bios & .05EC) but simply the SAME BIOS i already had flashed except its only the original CLEVO and lets be honest most reseller just add a logo. and the flash did tell me it was successful ... well until i reboot...


    Anyway back then i though i was flashing the upgrade, i bricked the computer, and i realized i did flash the EC previous to the bios, and thats when i realized on the stick was actually the .05 bios and then i thought....why the hell isnt it working if i flashed the same damn bios that was already Inside.


    I tried Fn + N and other FN+ "x" or smashing F7 for 30sec and use enter or down Arrow an additional time to boot Something different but Nothing made it boot on USB with this as autoexec.bat


    @echo off
    beep.bat (i dowloaded that file from another thread and its on usb)


    anyway it was simply to get an audio indication if i ever managed to boot on it then i could redo the sequence with a proper USB to fix the issue i even removed the CMOS battery for like 5 min hoping this could help but didnt change a thing.


    SO my question kinda remains, how could it be bricked by flashing same BIOS doesnt sound right. at first i thought i fucked by actually flashing the upated bios by forgetting to flash EC first but its not.


    Then since my rig is actually a chinese brand i checked it, website is not available outside of china, i checked baidu (their local google) i did found a website talking about flashing bios, same bios as the one hosted in the repo i used.


    Except that instead of using full DOS they recommand using EFI shell to flash, which was first difference. since most tuto on here and another forum i found ask to disable UEFI boot and boot DOS to flash.


    then flashing order EC then BIOS both in EFI then they had another rom to flash to unlock it im gonna put a screen here cause it might be someone stealing (or not) this OP work and taking credit for it, i cant be sure because i still cant dowload the hosted file here i dont have permission yet to check myself


    Orignal post i found it http://tieba.baidu.com/p/5116061307


    just look for the pan.baidu link its their most famous cloud there


    im just concerned cause chinese often do that, steal other work and take credit for it. so i guess only the Creator of the unlock could tell if its his work.


    Anyway, my laptop is bricked by flashing same stock bios version, so i Wonder if anyone has a fix and also tell me if the different method of flashing can have any real effect ?




    It wont be bricked by flashing the same or a older BIOS. The problem is that you chose a BIOS for the wrong model. The P6xxRX on repo is not for the RS/RP models. You won't be able to do a recovery  If you've also flashed the boot block from the wrong BIOS. You will have to reprogam it.

    If someone would host my BIOS my boot logo will still be there as it wont flash If changed and it will say BAKED in the BIOS.

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