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  1. https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/announcement/4-user-account-promotion-rules-read-before-posting/
  2. The inel HD graphics can't be used as it isn't connected/wired in the 16F2. So even if you would flash a BIOS with the IGPU enabled there will be no display output. You'll have to buy a new dGPU or fix your broken one.
  3. It's soldered to the motherboard.
  4. That sucks man, I have my own mod but this cat have f**ked ut up for all those who have been waiting for these mods =/
  5. You'll find stock BIOS on @Premas site: https://biosmods.wordpress.com/stock/ you'll find the password in the first post of this thread. It's possible but it'll probably take a lot of hardware modding to accomplish.
  6. Have you tried taking out 1 stick of RAM and boot? This should reset the NVRAM to defaults. If that doesn't do the trick you should also do a CMOS reset by unplugging the little 2-wire battery cable for about 5-10 minutes/plug it back in again and boot. Keep the GPU in the MXM slot whilst trying these steps.
  7. You can find a 2920XM CPU at pretty decent prices nowadays, upgrading your RAM won't really make any noticable difference unless your current RAM is very slow.
  8. That memory is DDR3L (low voltage) rated at 1.35 which I don't think is compatible with such an old model. You'll need 1.5V memory.
  9. BAKED

    Gt780dx 4k screen?

    In order to upgrade to a 4K screen you'll need a 4 lane 40-pin edp connector and there are none on the GT780/DX.
  10. This thread is quite old by now but anyway. I've upgraded my P75XZM to a P75XDM, my motherboard stopped working so I bought a P75XDM motherboard instead. Everything fits except for the two cables for the touchpad so unless you change some connectors you won't be able to use it. Other than that it's a pretty straight forward upgrade.
  11. It will support both GTX 980 (180W version, not 200W) And 4k display.
  12. Control center and brightness works with older AMD drivers on the P7XXZM with 8970M, I'm not sure which driver versions tho as I don't use it. The brightness can be changed in catalyst control center.
  13. Cooling pads nowadays often doesn't improve temps on notebooks as most of them draw air from the keyboard and downwards, so all you get is basicly a more bulky setup.
  14. BAKED

    GT60 0ND upgrade to 970M

    You should be able to update your BIOS to the windows 8 version, as long as you want to use windows 8 in UEFI that is, the motherboard is the same.
  15. I'd say no, atleast not a 200W card with the new MXM 3.0 form factor as it simply wouldn't fit.
  16. Gotta grab a DM mobo and skylake CPU XD
  17. Here you go http://www.megafileupload.com/59ry/70.06.3B.00.08.rar
  18. BAKED

    NEWS from Computex 2015

    Clevo could surely come up with one of those, like the P570WM3 but I guess it would be like 10" thick
  19. Liquid Ultra and phobya nanogrease extreme have given me the best results, I use liquid ultra for my 4690K delidded in my Clevo P750ZM which have improved the temps significantly.
  20. BAKED

    aw17 r2

    I think the CPU has additional turbo bins but as the TDP is only 47W it will be quite useless to overclock it, I'm not even sure it would even hold the 4 Ghz turbo for more than a very short period.
  21. BAKED

    I need help

    You need a modded .inf to be able to install the drivers. Nvidia .inf modding guide posted by J95 http://forum.techinferno.com/nvidia/5249-%5Bguide%5D-modding-nvidia-oem-inf-files.html
  22. Imagine if your machine with soldered GTX 980M and i7 4980HQ is out of warranty and something major breaks, not a cheap repair to say the least.
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