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  1. What a time to be alive! In the mean time, I'm taking it to the next level: So far so good, even though both TB ports are being used. If eGPU proves to be stable enough, I will try to get some nice displays and hook them up directly via the GTX.
  2. It seems like my issue was related to the DP converter. It's now working fine! :-) A question: if my configuration is as following: Let's say I start a game, like WoW, in a window and drag it back to my iMac display. Which GPU will it use?
  3. They're all 10.11.5, 2 of them were fresh installs. Would it be OK if I asked you something in a PM?
  4. @goalque I've only applied this to iMac 5K, other three Macs used your original script. Also, what I've noticed is that while the eGPU is connected (iMac 680M), OSX is extremely non-responsive and kexd seems to be spiking 100% CPU usage. Could this be a clue?
  5. Hi goalque, Let me begin by sending a huge thanks for all your efforts. I've been experimenting with eGPU for the past few days, mostly to run PG-Strom on my Mac, which I finally managed to do. My setup is based on Sonnet Echo Express III-d. Unfortunatelly, between 3 different cards, 4 Macs, 3 displays and 1 external PSU, I've never been able to get external displays (connected via eGPUs to work). GPUs: 750 Ti, 960, 980 Ti Macs: 5K 2014 @ 295X (had do fix line 62 of your script), Mac Mini 2015 @ Iris, rMBP 2013 @ 780M, iMac 2013 @ 680M The scenario is always similar: I do manage to get the card to work, I can run CUDA programs, it's listed in System Report, but I have yet to see one external display detected by OSX. I tried DP, HDMI, VGA, 3 different screens, with and without external Thermaltake 650W PSU - nothing. Can you please shed some light on what I might be doing wrong? It's really frustrating seeing as it's mostly a plug and play experience for most folks...
  6. Morning, Chaps! I would like to build a mobile case, which will provide OSX with CUDA computing power (for this software: https://github.com/pg-strom/devel). Unfortunately, the mobile chips (680M/750M) aren't capable enough. I have a 980Ti, which works fine under Ubuntu. Ideally, I'd like to be able to reuse this particular card (it's a Windforce 980 Ti by Gigabyte). I do not care about gaming or any other software, I just need CUDA to be able to use it when connected. It would be used with rMBP (750M) and iMac 5k (R9). 1. Is this something that can be done? 2. Would it require changes to OSX? 3. Could you recommend a case, that can house both the card and the PSU? 4. Would I have to plug some display into the GPU in order for CUDA to work? Thanks!
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