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  1. How are you able to tell the manufacturer of the card you got? Sent from my SM-G870W using Tapatalk
  2. Interesting stuff yes, however I think the laptop is getting too long in the tooth and it is hard to get responses to questions (at least any I've asked)
  3. - TPL limits unlocked (With the combination of ThrottleStop, CPU throttling can be overcome). This was taken from unlocked bios download thread I have successfully installed the Bios, I have throttlestop turned on What exactly is TPL limits? Do I need to adjust something in the bios? cpu temp in high 80's (bounces around quite a bit) Gpu temp in low 70's I am still getting throttling, What else can I try ?
  4. Sector7G

    Clevo and Canada

    What does Prema Mods refer too ?
  5. Hello all, Ive read some posts of people able to use unmodified drivers (straight from nvidia) after a MXM upgrade. Im assuming this has something to do with a bios upgrade, but I am not sure if a VBios or mainboard bios or both. The specific model and card I use is GT780R upgraded the nvidia card to a 770M. What is recommended to install after this upgrade is performed ?
  6. Sector7G

    Clevo and Canada

    Hi, thanks for the replys Correct me if I'm wrong... Clevo = Manufacturer Sager = Reseller?
  7. Ive been waiting for 2 weeks... I read in the FAQ that they had done away with the a minimum post count " As part of the move to our new platform, we did away with the 5 post moderation that was required of newly registered members." Then in the same FAQ ... "New user account promotion system that views your level of quality activity on these forums over a span of 1 week with a minimum of 5 QUALITY posts. " Sooooo.... What is it 5 Posts or not 5 posts ? Edit : not sure if Posts count as topic OP, or replies, or a combination of both. According to my post count I have 4 posts, but its actually 6... and wow... my 2 weeks is nothing to your wait lol. I hope I dont need to wait that long
  8. Sector7G

    Clevo and Canada

    What are some options when purchasing Clevo/Sager units in Canada ?
  9. I never really thought of a DIY e-GPU solution, however glancing upon these forums I see it is currently a thing, even without thunderbolt/usb-c notebooks. However I see the OEM's are coming out with there own versions and I am wondering about the pros and cons for DIY and OEM. I would think the big one is Cost savings for DIY, but Id like to know what people are spending on the DIY versions. Are you able to get usb ports + ethernet like the ones the OEMs are coming out with? I think this is an important addition as I would want to hook up some usb surround sound, keyboard, mouse, and ethernet to my e-GPu (and monitor of course ;)) and plug in 1 cord to have it all hooked up.
  10. Hello, I thought Id see what some of you might suggest. I would like a Thin and Light model (5ish lbs) 13-15" (dont think you can get a 17" in this kind of laptop) I would like a touchscreen 970M Under $2000 I only know of 2, but both are currently over 2K AW (with touchscreen option) Razer Blade I am also considering a External GPU option, but I think any laptop with a thunderbolt port will be future proof when it come to this. a SSD 256gb (cost willing) and a storage drive would also be helpful. Future upgradability would be a +
  11. Hello,... popular thread Good thing I guess, If it wasn't we would all be stuck with a 5XXm card.. I've replaced my 560m a few years now, disabled diver signature enforcement, and ran modded drivers (thanks laptopvideo2go ! ) I had some throttling issues, but they have gotten worse, now ive looked into it, and It appears I have some flashing to do. I've downloaded Throttlestop, it works with lower graphics settings, but when I try and push it, it will throttle more. So I need the Bios Waiting for promotion to get the file, but in the meantime Id thought I'd post here. Will I also need to flash Vbios for the gtx 770m? https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/1425-nvidia-kepler-vbios-mods-overclocking-editions-modified-clocks-voltage-tweaks/ The lappy is a GT780R
  12. Hello, Dale7G here. Looking to download unlocked gt783 Bios to stop the damn cpu throttling. I have the Throttle Stop program, but I need this bios now. HELP!
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