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  1. Hello guys, I recently signed up on T|I to learn more about the fascinating mods out there for notebooks. I have a G46vw, had for a year and 9 months. works fine, bought used with a lost keyboard key/button. I came to this forum when i saw a post on Google search about a mod for the G46vw because MSI Afterburner would not unlock the fan settings and i was hoping this would do the trick and unlock some hidden features. I never knew there was such works on the web before. I'm also thinking about getting this baby cleaned and trying to add a dedicated eGPU and make this last a bit longer. I'm looking forward to learning about the awesome knowledge the community contributes to this forum and ways to improve old technology and make that old notebook into something worth still using with some included mods. Thanks, Lime.
  2. I bought a G46vw notebook a year and 9 months ago and did not know this. I've been trying to get my MSI Afterburner to unlock the fan settings but it won't work. Hoping this will do the trick. Also not bad to be able to get some more performance out of outdated hardware or whats left of it until buy something new
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