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  1. I think u need to use newer version of nvflash where your card is visible.
  2. I think this is the chip. Anyone can confirm ?
  3. I cant. I recieve mismatch 256 page error or with newer versions GPU mismatch. I flashed normal vbios to mobile card from Techpowerup .Vbios from there was labeled as my card ( im not idiot ) but vrom was for GTX760 . Now depending on NVflash verson it appear as GTX760 or GK1XX . Acording to SVET from MSI forum it seems to be bricked. Iv tried i think all avaliable versions. With old versions you can erase EEPROM but my card is visible only from 5.136 upwards where EEPROM erase is removed.
  4. Vbios is stored in eeprom memory which chip is on board but which one is it ? This is called Hard Flash....
  5. Please help me search for vBios EEPROM module on this card where is vBios stored. I bought Programmer but i dont want to flash wrong chip.
  6. It gives me : Mismatch in 256 byte page-mode programming
  7. Hello. I recently flashed 51X Bis to my MSI GT60 0NC from this thread : https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/6079-msi-gt60-onc-upgrade-to-gtx-770m-failed/ I want to flash v.30M Unlocked BIOS from this website. What command i should use for AFUDOS to make it flash. Also it will brick my motherboard ? It is crossflashing ? When i attempted to flash 30M Unlocked BIOS then i recieved this error : Problem getting flash information.
  8. I managed to flash backup, i used command NVFLASH -w to secure EEPROM but after restart its the same. I can flash when gpu is cold..... WTH is going on :/ After flash of backup it says that device connected is <0> GK1XX but it should say that GTX670MX is connected isnt it ? Anyone can provide me correct file to flash ? Its 16F3 motherboard.
  9. This is what NVflash gives me. I think i tried all vBioses for GTX670MX i found to get it recovered. No success. Can anyone provide me vBios for this GPU ? I made backup of vBios before i flash with TPU GPU-Z 1.12.0 When i try flash with Bypassed version of NVflash 265 : I dont have GeForce GTX 760 but GTX670MX on board. I dont know what i can do next to recover it... Usually i use command : NVFLASH -i0 -4 -5 -6 Backup.rom backup.rar
  10. Im trying to recover laptop GPU from bad flash using my backup but no success....I dont know if anyone here can change it ?Adapter PCI Device ID: 1191Firmware image PCI Device ID: 11A1If i will provide my backup. I heard i can use HEX editor but its magic for me.Please help me
  11. Hello. i ended up with bad flash. I have MSI GT0 0NC with GTX670MX card.This is what i have If anyone can help with vbios. I lost hope as its 2cnd day im trying to sort it. I cant upload here files but i trying to flash my backup with no success.. Sort of vbios`es found on internet dont flash as well. backup.rar
  12. I recently flashed new vBios to GTX670MX on my GT60 0NX and it went through but i didnt shut EEPROM via NVFLASH, i get sort of virus which overrided vBios on GTX670MX and now i end up 256 error on NVflash. Help !?
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