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  1. I run an XFX RX 480 with the laptop CPU at stock. The adaptor will not add any extra heat to your laptop CPU if anything it will reduce it as the embedded graphics cards will no longer be running. You could also buy a cooling pad if you are really worried.
  2. @rusTORK Your ZOTAC GeForce GTX 660 won't work with the adapter at all. It has to be an AMD card. With Nvidia cards, you won't be able to boot into Windows 10. Also, make sure the modded bios you have are version 2.07 or earlier. Anything after 2.07 won't work. You can back flash if needed.
  3. Okay here is my video. If it helps anyone great.
  4. @dsigned , Yes, it is possible that Ubuntu would work, but I didn't play around with it a lot. With Windows 10, you just plug in the adapter and it works. I never got to install drivers because you can't get into Ubuntu with the adapter plugged in (it''s just a black screen). I didn't try hot-plugging the adapter though. Even if you did get my Ubuntu working, dual-boot would be impractical because you can't see the grub boot loader menu to select which operating system you would want. So it looks like the problem is deeper than just Ubuntu. Without being able to see the grub boot loader, dual-boot with any Linux distro is not feasible.
  5. Time Spy: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/14608542? Fire Strike: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/14609264? Sky Diver: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/14610180? Above are the benchmarks of the adapter with an RX 480 XFX XXX @ 1288mhz. The power supply I was using with the reference RX 480 was bad, so reference RX 480's very likely work with the adapter. I can confirm that the adapter doesn't work with Ubuntu or Windows 7 in dual boot. So, the adapter is definitely Windows 10 exclusive. (Ubuntu might work if you re-install it from a USB drive with the adapter connected. I haven't tested it.) Even if you could dual boot, you cannot see the boot menu to select which operating system. You also can't see your bios with the adapter connected. So make sure you have all the settings configured to your preferences before adding the adapter. @Tesla's instructions are excellent. I would like to note that uninstalling your nvidia drivers are optional. I am able to run many games with max settings now at 60 fps. Thank you for this amazing product Gerald.
  6. Once the RX 480 aftermarket cards are available, I'd be happy to post a benchmark. At the moment, they seem to be out of stock everywhere. It might be a while.
  7. AMD it is then. It looks like the ASUS STRIX RX 480 pulls almost 0 watts from the PCIE. http://videocardz.com/62392/asus-shows-off-radeon-rx-480-strix-and-rx-480-dual The 750M draws between 35-40 watts through the PCIE which is why my reference RX 480 didn't get enough power and just shut off. I don't know what the power draw from other AIB cards are yet. If they got the power draw down to 60 watts, it will probably still work. Be sure to check what the power draw from the PCIE is before you buy an AMD card. EDIT: @gerald Does the adapter's PCIE lane draw power from the laptop or power supply?
  8. You could always try svl7's whitelist on 1.05, but I doubt it will work. So, I guess someone needs to learn how to mod BIOS for nvidia cards.
  9. bios 1.07, 1.09, or 1.10 might also work if anyone finds those
  10. So I found the link to register on that site. http://u.it168.com/Register/ You can use 10-minute mail for the email address, but it looks like you need a phone number for the authentication code. Does anyone know of a 10-minute phone? lol
  11. So now we need to find someone who can read Chinese.
  12. @Andrew54, you could try looking for bios v1.05 again. It will probably work, but v1.05 might be impossible to find. Edit: Make sure you backup your bios if you do find it.
  13. @Tesla Can you test your Legacy cards with a Legacy installation of Windows 10 instead of UEFI since they are old cards like you mentioned? Edit: Or maybe you already did that when you tried legacy Windows 10 on an external hard drive earlier.
  14. @STYXMHE @Tesla I also tried hotplugging and pre-installing the drivers with Windows 7 back before I knew Windows 10 was the solution. It didn't work me either.
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