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  1. Thanks Nilz, never change a running system, I think I'm fine with my F28, maybe I will upgrade a SSD (even then F28 should be good since I can't find any other infos in the version history, except some problem not booting form SSD) or sell the whole thing again. The memory was so damn cheap that I would make close to no loss in this case. Anyway those 1600 MHz RAMs should run at 1600 and with 1,35V in that model, at least they are officially supported by HP. It even looks like they switch over to DDR3L since the regular DDR3 Modules were discontinued in 2013. And for your WiFi question: Do yourself a favour and buy a USB Dongle or something like that, I mean all this stuff with internal antennas sucks! Especially when it's in a metal case...even my Smartphones WiFi is lightyears ahead. Preferrably something with a RP-SMA connector (or DIY something, shouldn't be a problem as far as I've looked into this thing everything has regular connector). I have one of those bloody cheap TP-Link TLWN722N, 15 Euro with a good 8 dbi antenna, only downside: no 802.11a but it allows prosmicious mode, packet injection and all those funny things.
  2. BIOS - Upgrade or not? Hi, I have F28 on my new (well, more or less) elitebook 2560p now and wonder if it's worth upgrading it. I read through the version history and there's some stuff that sounds like it mitght be useful but on the other hand everything seems to run fine at the moment. Will install 2x8 GB 1600 MHz L DIMMs soon, are there any improvements for RAM frequencies or low voltage DIMMs they forgot to mention? @Nilz: Old CPUs sometimes sell for ridiculous prices, don't know why. If you take the 150 you paid for the 2560p (awesome price, paid 200 for a well used one) and add 200 you're in the region of a 2570p which will not only be newer but faster, too.
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