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  1. Yes the PSU was faulty. I tried the GPU and it works. Now I want to troubleshoot a few things. My eGPU doesn't show display. It works, it shows up correctly and CPUZ even detects it. But when I ran a GPU stress test my Laptop's dGPU started to work and it got to 105'C which lead to thermal shutdown. Why didn't it work? I have set my dGPU to a lower priority via Setup 1.3? Would I need to disable my dGPU?
  2. Just a bug i have noticed over the few days I have been on this forum, when ever I click on a notification, I never end up on the correct page, but on page 20. IDK if this is a bug or a deliberate thing, also didn't know where to post the bug so here it is.
  3. Ooh never thought about that. Thanks. BTW should it be able to work without any setting changes like without running Setup 1.3? Regards
  4. That's the thing. As long as windows doesnt start PSU stays working. As soon as the windows logo comes up on boot after a few seconds, The PSU shuts off. Could it be the mPCIe cable?
  5. Hello First of all thanks to @Tech Inferno Fan for helping out regarding my payment issue. Second of all, I'm confused, my TOLUD is N/A. First of all my PC specs: My Laptop is a Dell Latitude E6410 Processor: i7-720QM (originally had i7-620M) RAM: 6GB DDR3 1066 (1x4GB , 1x2GB) Chipset: QM57 Now the Setup 1.3 Screen Shots: ^ This shows [email protected]/A; both the GPUs are detected ^ Both GPUs with their details using nvflash ^ PCI Map ^ PCI Device Tree ^ Showing error; where as the all_alloc = yes in background Now for the problem. As soon as Windows starts the card is powered off via PCIe. Now my question. Why is this happening? So a little help would be awesome. Regards!
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