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  1. I think you can disconnect some cable, but im not sure, never had to go that deep into one. One thing that i like on laptops like the Elitebooks and Precisions is that you can pretty much disable anything in the BIOS, not only you won´t need drivers running but, even better, you can get really low DPC values. Now if we are complaining about something real, should i even start the ACPI/DPC discussion? On some models it makes me want to cry so hard. I think gamers need to start noticing DPC spikes as something that also affects the performance for gaming, because professional users like me have no expression with a manufacturer like CLEVO. Even manufacturers like Dell and HP, with their professional models, sometimes just fail, other times they make perfect systems, like my Zbook, DPC readings are just out of this world good. On some systems when running a game, sometimes i see a micro-stutter, frame-skipping, whatever you want to call it, ALT-TAB and look at a DPC graph, there´s your spike.... i´ve seen this a LOT! When you do real time stuff that DPC spike will ruin your work, a click in your audio recording, bad frames in your video capture/projection, a glitch in your stream. What can we do when the culprit is ACPI? Not much im afraid.
  2. Well CLEVO keyboards, on the P751 / P771 / P870, are very decent, a big boost in quality over past models.
  3. I guess it is a requirement for the 120hz panels then.
  4. LOL Btw what´s the difference from the current G-Sync method and the new Tcon (HW g-sync) ?
  5. Clevo might not always give us what we want, but hey, at least we are getting LCD back covers with LEDs! Who cares about being soldered or not when you have Leds?
  6. Nice post my friend! Keep them coming
  7. Usually after such VBIOS update you need to reinstall your graphic drivers. Glad your set up!
  8. I can´t read any description for that bios but you need one with no optimus, so the latest for any CLEVO laptop without switchable graphics should do it. You can follow that guide yes.
  9. Windows 7 does not use UEFI boot, but if you plug your K1100M you can enter BIOS and check what is the boot type. There´s no option to enable or disable HDMI in BIOS. You probably need to flash another vbios. Prema shoudl be able to post the correct one.
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